: anybody install a meziere on their V??

08-15-06, 10:56 PM
I remember the topic coming up a while ago, and someone mentioned that it might be a tight fit, that is if it fit at all...and one install one? Preferably an LS6...and will the pump that fits the LS1 also fit the LS6?? I did'nt see an Ls6 specific pump so Im guessing yes...also who's got the best price on those bad boys :alchi:

08-15-06, 11:26 PM
Yeah, I replied to your post a long time ago.

It was a pain, there was actually a point where I thought it wasn't going to fit.

Quite a bit of cutting to the fan shroud, and fighting the radiator back in. Although now that I've done it and know what to do, it wouldn't be that hard at all.

Also, the LS1 or the LS2 version will fit an LS6. They just came out with the LS2 ewp and it has more clearance for the LS2 TB. That's the only difference. They may actually be discontinuing that LS1 version.

08-16-06, 02:38 AM
Same here, I've done two V's now with Meziere's pump. You have to reassemble with the radiator and fans in place and the intake manifold off or backed up to the firewall. The fans need to be offset to get the pump in and then wiggled onto their mounting tabs. I got mine from Scoggin Dickey at a great price. In all reality, the stock pump does a better job of cooling the engine while driving. I got mine for the ease of tuning and cooling the engine at will while it's turned off on the dyno or in the pits

What's this about the intake? I didn't have the TB on but I don't believe it would have mattered. I trim the shroud around the pump and a small place around the driver side bottom to clear the lower radiator spout. I also pushed the condensor as far forward as possible( it was out of site from the overhead view).

As far as the cooling goes, mine is way cooler all the time. I used a SBC 160 thermostat and the fans are reprogrammed. I would say that mine rarely see much over 200. Only then if I've been idling for a while. If I'm on the highway it stays 161 always. Oil temps usually stay around 200. Oil seems to be barely effected by this.

08-16-06, 08:37 AM
ok good deal, looking like this might be my next purchase...always nice to free up some power too.....so which ewp did you guys install the one for the ls2 for TB clearance or the one for the ls1/6???

08-16-06, 10:10 AM
With the radiator and fans out of the car and the TB off, there's plenty of room. It's too much extra stuff to move the intake back. I dont have any scrathes on mine. Coolant temps should be as low as possible with dropping oil below 195.