: Shifting Into Reverse Problem Fixed :-)

50 4Ever
08-15-06, 09:06 PM
As long as I have had the V I've had problems shifting into reverse. I posted it and a lot of others have the same problem. As the clutch fliud reached the MIN line the problem worsened and it started getting hard to shift into other gears as well. I took it in and left it while I was on a 2-week Corvette trip to the Pacific Northwest. They had it over 3-weeks but the problem is fixed.

If you have problems shifting into reverse while the engine is running but the transmission shifts fine when the engine is off, you might have the same problem. The readers digest version is that the flywheel was 0.020" too deep which caused the clutch to drag which caused the internals in the tranny to rotate which caused problems with shifting.

The day after I picked it up I left on a 1,400 mile trip thru Oregon and back. The tranny worked flawlessly.

This is the complete text from the workorder:

Shifting Problem
17,782 Miles

My concern:
Hard to shift into forward gears, will not shift into reverse.

Tech’s response:
Evaluate shifting with customer & found that trans won’t shift into any gear while engine is running, but will if engine is shut off. Inspect clutch operation & pedal feel – found pedal feels OK, suspect that disc is either sticking on shaft or slave cylinder is not fully disengaging. Remove trans for repair. Inspect clutch and pressure plate – found clutch disc looks OK, but pressure plate has a smooth ring around the outer edge as is it could have been dragging. Customer was also commenting on excessive clutch chatter. Considering the nature of concern & prior repairs we are replacing all clutch related components in trans & advise to inspect internal trans components for damage. Disassemble trans. To check for hard shifting checked all blocker rings, all looked to specs. Reverse syncro hub and blocker rings damaged. Replaced damaged parts. Reassembled trans. Replace clutch disc, pressure plate & slave cylinder. Road test & found that trans will shift into all gears now except reverse. Verify reverse lockout actuator is not malfunctioning. Call TAC & discuss case #XXXXXXX. Advised to remove trans and recheck internal components. Removed trans for inspection. Disassemble trans & re-check reverse components, shift forks & rails – all look OK. Call TAC & discuss case – advised to replace flywheel & perform clutch pressure plate adjustment per doc ID #1413557 & clutch bleed per Doc ID #1550985. Inspect flywheel step depth – found old flywheel depth is 0.020” deeper than the new one. Installed S/O new flywheel. Performed adjustment on clutch pressure plate and reinstalled. Reinstalled trans. Engine won’t start; battery is dead – replaced battery. Road test & verify shifting is now OK in all gears. Perform bleed procedure as directed by Doc ID #1550985.

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08-15-06, 09:58 PM
Wow! Not quite sure what "depth" dimension they're referring to. No wonder it was hard to diagnose... who would think to check that!

08-15-06, 10:58 PM
quantos dineiro?


08-15-06, 11:28 PM
not bad...I plan on getting a tpis clutch and flywheels anyways, but thats good to know.

08-16-06, 12:26 AM
wow.... I wonder how many cars this affects...

I will dig for info.


50 4Ever
08-16-06, 12:41 AM
quantos dineiro?


Nada... all covered under warranty, even the battery that died whilst the V was in their possession. :thumbsup: