: 96 Eldorado Oil leak

02-12-04, 07:18 PM
Hello all I recently found this Caddy forum and had a few questions. Me and my pop are really into Caddys. I have a '85 Fleetwood Brougham (good car except for that damn 4.1!), my dad has a '68 & '70 Coupe deVille, a '89 Sedan deVille (damn good car 279k and still going) and he recently got a '96 Blk/Blk/Blk Eldorado w/ 75,7xx on it. It's a really nice car, runs good (not the ETC but it still moves), and no codes in the system. The thing is I am seeing a small oil leak, looks to be tranny fluid, so any advice on where to check for the leak. Also any advice on flushing the cooling system, I know this one runs dexcool. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

02-12-04, 09:13 PM
Check the transaxle fluid level? There is plumbing between the transaxle and radiator that could be leaking slightly at either end.

I do not care for fluid flushes. Drain the coolant as much as possible and refill with a premix of 50/50 Dex-Cool and distilled water. Your goal is to refresh the corrosion inhibitors in the Dex-Cool without losing control of the 50/50 mix ratio.

Also a good idea to add the coolant supplement pellets from GM, or the same material packaged as Bar's Leaks Golden Seal powder (available at Wal-Mart (most of the time)). Whichever you buy, pop off a hose and put the supplement in there; NOT in the overflow tank.

02-12-04, 10:34 PM
Thanks JimD, I'll check the cooler lines, the car does not seem to be loosing tranny fluid on the dipstick. So is there a pre-mixed 50/50 of dexcool, I know there is for the green coolant. If so which part store would carry it.

02-13-04, 06:59 AM
I buy full strength Havoline Dex-Cool at Wal-Mart and mix it myself. That way I can be 100% sure what I am putting in the cooling system.


02-13-04, 11:54 AM
For the record... My parents have a 97 Park Avenue and the owners manual states to use either the GM part no. (don't remember it) or Havoline. First time I ever saw a Mfg'r recommend an aftermarket antifreeze brand by name, outside of M1 for motor oil.

So, yes, I run M1 and Havoline Dexcool.