: TOYO T1R Proxy---Review

08-14-06, 02:50 PM
Well Ive been busier than a one armed paperhanger over the last several weeks, so today is the first chance Ive had to blather.

I went on a trip to the mountains a couple of weeks ago with my new Toyo T1R proxes and I came away less than impressed. They are definitely not in the same league as the GY F1 supercar tires. Whenever I get a chance to drive a snaky mountain road my alter ego come in to play and I must attack any and every curve.:lildevil:

Charging hard into a decreasing radius down hill curve with the Good Year F1s is a confident and inspiring experience. The car is totally locked in and at the limits of adhesion (which I rarely encountered) the car would break but reconnect at the slightest correction. This is about as close as one can come to riding on rails, without the rails.

The T1R never felt as close to capable. Even with a V that is lowered with stiffer springs and Hotchkis sways, the car felt less than confident. It was a strange sensation, as the chassis was flat, but the V felt as if it was wallowing toward the outside of the curve. Unlike the F1s, I could make these tire sing in a corner at ease (or is that screaming for mercy).

Some quick impressions of the Toyo T1Rs:


More noise
Less grip
A whole lot less transitional response High points:

Better in the rain
Neo modern tread design
Twice the tire life
Its truly a shame that the same company that supplies tires to the GT Challenge, sells purported high performance tires with these attributes. Given a choice, I would opt for the limited mileage and superior grip of the F1s over the longer mileage and slug handling of the T1Rs. As a matter of fact, I will never install another set of tires with a rating less than an Extreme Performance Summer tire on my Vand my V will always love me for that.

Its unfortunate, because I do want to support Toyo for their racing efforts.

08-14-06, 04:48 PM
That's an interesting take on these tires. I somewhat agree with you about the floaty feel these tires have in the curves, but for the most part, the amount of grip they provide is pretty close to the F1s, IMO. I have had the T1Rs for about 4-5 months and for the majority of that time was running 30-31 psi cold (34-35 psi hot) and they gripped very well (although I also have 285s in the back, so that could possibly skew any comparison to the F1s). Recently I put more air into all 4 tire and brought the cold psi up to 35-36 and really noticed more squealing on the curves, but a lot less sidewall flex, which for me inspires a little more confidence. All in all I really like the tires and they seem to be wearing pretty well and they are probably the best looking tire on the market.


08-14-06, 09:47 PM
The 'floaty' feel you have with the T1Rs is because they aren't runflats as the stock Goodyear F1s are. You should stay with runflats.

08-14-06, 10:27 PM
Great review! Well written.

08-15-06, 01:32 AM
I have something to add regarding the Toyos. I have 275-35-19's in the back and 245-40-19's on the front. I have yet to get over 1g on them, and I have pushed them pretty hard. I had the KDW2's in 245-40-19 all around before these and pulled 1.2X's with ease.

I have to agree though, the tread life is excellent for a "high performance" tire. BUT, I wouldn't buy them again because of the oddly decreased cornering grip.

Just my 2 cents...

08-15-06, 01:57 AM
One word, two capitals, and three digits for all of you, FALKEN RT-615. The best non-runflats for our V's, IMO. ;)

08-15-06, 11:32 AM
One word, two capitals, and three digits for all of you, FALKEN RT-615. The best non-runflats for our V's, IMO. ;)Yeah, but some of us don't want to deviate from the stock circumference.

08-15-06, 12:24 PM
I can understand why wouldn't want to deviate from the stock circumference. However, you're not losing much. It's only a 1.5 mph difference. So if you're traveling at 60mph, you are really going 58.5mph. I guess adding up that in extra miles on the odometer hurts too. Either way, these are a good alternative for those wanting to spend $160 a tire instead of $300+ a tire. ;)

08-15-06, 02:33 PM
Hey guys - I don't have a V but I do have a 2007 Escalade EXT on order. I am not sure if this will helpbut I also drive a 2004 M3 with Toyo T1R's. They do have lesss traction at first. They really need to be broken in. It take about 500 miles and then they start to feel much better. Not sure if they will fell as good as F1's but they are going to be close. And for a savings of $500 for a set of four I can't complain.

08-15-06, 05:43 PM
I've had my Toyos for about 6k now and they have not changed much handling/traction wise. Only way they are going to change is if you play with the psi, which I have done a handful of times searching for more traction.