: normal running temp for a northstar?

08-14-06, 12:31 AM
my north* has always ran at about 216-218 since the day i bought it a few months ago. recently i took it on a trip from maine to buffalo and i was on the road for about 8 hrs and then i ran into a traffic jam 5 1/2 hrs of it around an hr into it the car overheated smoke an all. the A/C was off which is leading me to wonder if the water pump has been goin all along it dosnt leak but like i said the car's been runnin around 216-218. i know they run hot but is this too hot? now the belt's squeeling also which i've heard could be a warning sign to a bad pump???

Elmer Fudd
08-14-06, 08:21 AM
Perhaps it is the other way round. Perhaps the overheating is the warning sign of a bad belt/tensioner?? The pump may not be getting all the "drive" it needs.

Just a thought....

08-14-06, 08:55 AM
I was seeing similar temps and called the dealer to check. He pretty much laughed at me when I referred to 220 as overheating. He said there's nothing to worry about until 250 or more which seems high but that's what he said.

08-14-06, 09:32 AM
Sounds normal to me...

08-14-06, 11:54 AM
can you say beaten to death?

08-14-06, 12:09 PM
"Beaten to death" .:stirpot:

08-14-06, 08:33 PM
thank you!

08-14-06, 10:21 PM
I'm in Dallas and mine stays a few degrees either side of 217 degrees, winter or summer.

08-15-06, 11:13 AM
can you say beaten to death?

Instead of posting a lame ass response like that, why don't you try and help the guy out?

08-15-06, 12:22 PM
As I recall, the temperature warning light doesn't come on until the engine hits 260-265*F. So, you're safely in 'cool' territory.

08-15-06, 01:58 PM
Instead of posting a lame ass response like that, why don't you try and help the guy out?

maybe because this has been BEATEN TO DEATH AND ANSWERED OVER AND OVER

and i did in all posts thus far but it gets annoying

08-15-06, 02:42 PM
So it gets annoying helping people out? :annoyed:
That's a good one :rolleyes:

08-15-06, 02:45 PM
no repetition gets annoying
with that im done im not gonna sit here and give in to the newbies childish desire to get in the last word PEACE

08-15-06, 03:59 PM
Dont even look twice unless your seeing 230+ constantly.

08-15-06, 05:34 PM
A few quotes from our former guru,

Coolant temps in the range of 230 are perfectly normal and desireable.
As long as the engine is "wet" and full of coolant that is circulating it will not be damaged and can run as hot as 270 degrees or hotter for EXTENDED periods of time without hurting a thing.

08-16-06, 09:21 PM
Just to add to what everyone else said, your temps are perfectly normal.

08-19-06, 06:36 PM
just ran 150m on NYSTwy one way twice. speed at 75-79 engine temp 199.

heater core by-passed. temp held steady - under 200 where i feel it should run.

new core arrived - will see if it makes a diffence.
i think 230 is excessive. possible after a long run - slow down and heat builds up to an extrem some times. then it tails off. water pump belt tensioner...

08-21-06, 12:33 PM
that's not bad. going down the highway i've gotten readings of 199 and 203 most of the time. it's so damn hot though, it sometimes shoots to 229 when at the red light or idling but no where over that. i never drive in the middle day if i'm going on a trip. i always hit the road over in the morning or late in the evening during because i noticed motors in general just run better during those times.