: My northstar went south

08-12-06, 10:08 AM
hello to all, this week i picked up a 97 deville for close to nothing under 2000.00 to be exact,the trouble is it has engine trouble i think it's the head gasket i have a slight sign of water in the motor oil.the engine is missing and pop's as if it were out of timing.does anyone have any ideas as to how to check for headgasket or cracked block besides checking water level ,and do you think it would be more cost effective to geat a new engine say from jasper, or do the head gasket and call it a day. the car is well worth repairing thanks in advance for any reply:thumbsup:

08-12-06, 11:11 AM
Cracked block is unlikely. Bad head gaskets on a Northstar usually won't put coolant in the oil. Use the search feature. How to check for a bad head gasket has been discussed many times. Post back if you have questions and with the results. Are you using coolant?

Head gasket job is around $3000. Be sure they Timesert all twenty head bolt holes if you go that route. A new engine must be twice that amount, at least.

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08-12-06, 02:21 PM
HaHa beating a dead horse thats funny!

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and remarkably appropriate for the subject matter