: Crankshaft Position Sensor dead again??!?! Symptoms?

08-11-06, 07:31 PM
I had the Crank Position Sensors replaced back in February, 11,000 miles ago.

Question: Would malfunctioning CPS cause the instrument cluster lights to go dark and the tach and speedo both go to zero????

Yesterday, I was driving on the interstate, cruise set, stereo on. Suddenly the engine quit, the instrument cluster goes dark, and the tach and speedo go to zero. Stereo keeps playing, though.

The last time the CPS went bad (engine just quit at a stoplight), the instrument cluster didn't go dark - it stayed lit.

Thew her into neutral and fired her back up and all seems fine; however, the Cruise Control quit working. Turning car off then restarting again didn't help.

Dropped car off at the dealer. They replaced the Crankshaft position sensor again. They said that once they cleared the codes, the cruise worked fine. They guessed it must have put itself into a failsafe mode.

Would a malfunctioning CPS cause the instrument cluster lights to go dark and the tach and speedo both go to zero???? I'm wondering if there's a different problem. I pulled the codes, but didn't write them down. I remember seeing:

B1324 : refrigerant overpressure
IRC U1016 HISTORY : Lost comm to PCM from Radio HISTORY
TTM U1016 HISTORY: Lost comm to PCM from Tilt/Telescoping Module

I don't think any of the above three caused the engine to quit.

08-11-06, 08:06 PM
I am not positive, but I would not expect the CPS to cause the dash lights to go out. If it killed the engine, I would certainly expect the tach to zero out, but not the speedo. Oops, there goes my "old school" mentality again. With the speedo being electronically controled, who knows. I guess you could test it on a desolate road somewhere by turning the engine off while doing 20 MPH and then turning it back on to see if the speedo still registers while the tach is at zero. Slip it in neutral before doing it so the engine does not relite when you turn the key back on.

08-12-06, 01:17 PM
I've had a CPS go bad and the engine stopped, period. Everything connected to the battery still worked okay, lights, radio, turn signals, etc. I've seen my tach, speedo and I believe my gas gauge all go to zero when I had a short that would show up every now and then which I fnally found to be the wire bundle going into the top cover for the fuel injectors. A garage replaced the water pump and when they put everything back together that bundle was pinched inbetween the thermostat housing and I think the vent bolt for the cooling system. Anyhow, at first it just showed up every now and then but finally started to blow the fuse. That's when I started looking and saw the bundle pinched.

Your PCS is not the problem rather the beginning of a short. My suggestion is to look at your handbook and see if all the malfunctioning components are all on the same circuit and then go from there.

To answer your question about the PCS causing the problem, No Way!