: I might be quitting my nightjob!

08-10-06, 03:00 PM
or cutting way back on it at least.

My nightjob is Tommy Hilfiger Company Stores

as it is now i have a reputation for being late to work, my fellow associates think im just a slacker until i explain the situation, management knows the deal

i work at nationwide and we have lots of late nights here, sometimes as late as 9 o clock with a closing time of 5:30pm, especially lately., we have one lady out on medical leave, one OCD agent who is veeeeeeerrrrrryyyy slow, (no offense to anyone with OCD, but in an office as busy as we are there is no room for obssesive compulsion) and a lady who thinks shes the boss and shouldnt have to do any work at all.

aside from that im starting school, ill have classes every monday and tuesday night. and two online classes which id want to work in wed and thurs, leaving friday and the weekend. id also like to start a workout routine cause im so out of shape its not even funny, im a walkin contradiction, a skinny chubby guy. as it is i havent had a weekend off in weeks, or a day completely off in months, if im not workin here ill be working there or vice versa,

they way i figure i can do like some of the other college students and remain on the payroll by only being scheduled once a month or so, thereby keeping my 50% off discount and not messing up my chances for rehire,

what do you guys think?