: the northstar was first offered...when?

03-31-03, 01:12 AM
In my quest to buy a Caddy, there are ads showing STS's in the 93 and 94 supposedly with Northstars. I thought it wasn't offered until 95...so can anyone confirm this?


Chuck C
03-31-03, 01:22 AM
93 allante, eldorado and seville...correct me if i am wrong

original specs on the bigger Northstar: 295hp/290lb-ft

The standard models (eldo, seville) still used the 4.9L, the touring models had the Northstar.

In '94 models, the standard cars offered the Northstar with 270hp/300lb-ft.

The 95' + std and tourning models went with the 275 and 300 horse Northstars respectively

03-31-03, 03:14 AM
Just to add to what Chuck said, the '93 Allante w/ Northstar came out in Spring of '92.

The Deville Concours had the Northstar in '94, and the base model Deville had it in '96.

03-31-03, 01:43 PM
Yep, all correct. In list form:

1993: STS, ETC, Allante
1994-5: All Seville, All Eldo, Concours
1996-present: All Seville, All Eldo, All Deville

In all cases:

STS = L37, 295/300 hp
SLS = LD8, 270/275 hp
ETC = L37
Deville (incl. d'Elegance) = LD8
Deville Concours = L37

03-31-03, 02:23 PM
Deville Concours got the L37 too. Not the LD8.

03-31-03, 03:16 PM
Originally posted by Katshot
Deville Concours got the L37 too. Not the LD8.

Yes, excuse me. I switched the two models by mistake. The Deville and Deville d'Elegance received the 275hp LD8 engine and the Concours received the 300hp L37 engine. I made the change above.

03-31-03, 04:09 PM
Just keepin' you on your toes ;)

03-31-03, 08:42 PM
Thank ya suh! We all need that from time to time. :thumbsup:

04-01-03, 01:42 AM
Between the DTS and DHS or basic Deville, what does GM do to get the extra 25 hp out of the DTS?

04-01-03, 08:44 AM
Intake camshaft profile is different on the L37 cars (the 300hp) vs. the LD8 cars (the 275hp). That, and computer reprogramming to match the profile change. That's the difference in the engine. The Touring models also have a 3.71:1 final drive vs. a 3.11:1 final drive in the Luxury models.

04-02-03, 02:29 AM
OK, I thought it might just be something like the air intake route or something, thanks.

04-08-03, 12:08 PM
Did you know the valve train on the northstar was actually designed and engineered through the GM Quad 4? I am actually proud to own a 2.4 LD9 twin cam now.

04-08-03, 01:02 PM
I wouldn't doubt it. Oldsmobile always has been a leader and innovator in the field, even if they never received credit. Did you know that Oldsmobile designed and created the Quad-4 engine? By the way, the "Quad-4" is a 2.3L engine, IIRC. The dual cam 2.4L is probably just a corporate engine, possibly based on the original Quad-4 design.

04-15-03, 10:44 AM
Dude it's all quad 4. They are all corporate engines. Visit quad4forums.com. The 2.3/2.4/2.5 engines are all basically different versions of each other. The Quad 4 name was dropped in 1996 for Twin Cam.

04-15-03, 10:56 AM
Dude, enlighten yourself with a copy of the book "Setting the Pace". It's about Oldsmobile's first 100 years of history, incuding their development of the original Quad-4 engine. A GM corporate engine is always based on a particular design. Example, the "corporate" 3800 is based heavily on Buick's 3.8L V6 engine from the 70s and 80s. The "corporate" 305/350 during the mid 90s were based heavily on the Chevrolet small block engines. What you call the "corporate" Quad-4 was developed by the Oldsmobile division in the 1980s.

04-15-03, 06:42 PM
Here, let me paraphrase for you...from pg. 411 from Setting the Pace:

For all its problems in the 1980s, Olds could still play "innovator" quite successfully. The Quad-4 engine is a case in point. It was born in 1981 as one of several programs seeking a viable replacement for the traditional V-8 in light of new mandates for even cleaner air and higher fuel economy. Chief engineer Ted Louckes was instrumental in the Quad-4's development: "We could see the demise of the big V-8...and we felt it was important that Oldsmobile have an engine of some substance to replace that.

Obviously, that's far from the whole text on the issue, which spans some 3-4 more pages of the chapter, but it's the first page, so to speak, of the history of Quad-4 development.