: The Newbie...

08-09-06, 10:42 PM
Glad to have found this Cadillac site. I just purchased a 94 Sedan Deville. Its in near mint shape. My love for Cadillac started 8 years ago when I had purchased a 85 Fleetwood. Dont have it any longer but it left a lasting effect on me.

Im not new to Enthusiast forums though. I purchased a Dodge Neon a while back and had some issues with it. Did a little searching on the net and found several Neon forums. Then I partnered up with a friend and we started our own site two years ago, Midwestneons.com. Still have the neon. I have done alot of work to it. Rebuilt a solid motor, that will run high 14's in the quarter.

So basically I have my economy car and luxury car :thumbsup: . Im really excited about this Cadillac. IMO this is the last best design for the Deville. I dont care too much for the newer ones. Still nice cars but not my favorite look.

Look forward to getting to know you guys.

08-10-06, 01:33 PM
:welcome: to the forum!

08-10-06, 05:39 PM
:welcome: to the forum!

Thank You.

I guess hospitality isnt very thick on this board.

B Hoth
08-13-06, 08:55 PM
Not true, sometimes the weekend can be a little slow. Welcome!

08-20-06, 05:12 PM
Welcome to the Cadillac forum!

Sorry we didn't respond as quick as you may have expected. As moderator I apologise for not responding until now. I just returned from my summer vacation at the south shore and it was very nice.

There are many long-time members here boombotz and B Hoth and many many others that on a regular basis step up and help out when others need help and or forum coverage. For that (I)/we are very thankful, it makes us a true community! Many of us respond to 10-20-30 threads a day in various parts of this Cadillac forum, so sometimes we are brief with just a "hello" or "welcome to the forum". When someone needs help we can "pour-on-the-info" or link them to where they can find help. As you can see you got me fired up :mad: Please I beg :worship: your forgivness for this rant, but I must stand up for the people that make this place somewhere YOU can find friends and information about your 94 Deville.

Thanks for joining the forum
:welcome: Moderator

08-21-06, 11:04 PM
No problem Caddyblack. You should stick up for what you know. I would do the same. Ive been greatly helped by Stoneage,Ranger and a couple others. This site is rich in info. As ive noticed on other car forums I visit, the ones answering all the questions are the core faithful. All the newer members that learn just come to get what they need and dont take the time to share the knowledge. Maybe not all but most. As is the case alot of times with the site I run. Look at how many members this site has but only a few greet. Not your fault but it is sad. Thats pretty much what I was pointing out. This site has already helped me alot and its much appreciated.

08-22-06, 08:11 AM
Thanks for your reply! Your kind words about the forum are much appreciated.

Thanks again for joining.