View Full Version : Former SHO owner, converting to Caddy's

08-09-06, 12:25 AM
Hello everyone, I am new to the whole Cadillac thing and I am purchasing a 96 Seville STS. I hope my new car phase pleases me as well as my last set of cars.

I used to own 3 Ford Taurus SHO's, and I am in the process of selling my last one. Pretty sweet cars, the Yamaha engine was very powerful although you can tell it was a Ford by many of the annoying problems I had with them along with the way.

Well anyways, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone reading this.

Lord Cadillac
08-09-06, 04:25 AM
Welcome aboard! And welcome to Cadillac! :)

08-09-06, 08:24 AM
:welcome: to the forum!