: anybody watch rescue me on fx?

08-08-06, 11:19 PM
you know, the fdny show with denis leary?

at any rate, his sorta girlfriend bought him a brand new EXT. the thing was absolutely gorgeous! they said it had a v10 though? thats not true is it?

then somebody stole it from his firehouse lol. the cops get it back at the end of the show though.

bah! its midnight. what am i doing!?! im gonna go play guitar hero or something.

08-08-06, 11:22 PM
I love that show, as I do most anything on FX.

08-09-06, 09:47 AM
Yes! Will the EXT have a V10??

08-09-06, 02:06 PM
I love that show, as I do most anything on FX.Nip/Tuck FTW!!!

08-09-06, 05:07 PM
New York City firefighters hate that show because they say it makes them look bad. I guess it does, but how come I have no problem believing any of those story lines? Maybe because a lot of firehouses (not all) really are like that. I'm not even going to bring up the crap that has happened in the FDNY in the past two years or in the aftermath of 9/11, I don't want to tarnish the image of America's heroes for everyone. I'm convinced there are some cops involved in the writing of that show, no fireman would ever let some of that crap get through (the whole gay story line is really freaking some people out). Anyway, I really like the show, never miss it.

Disclaimer: The preceding rant was written by a New York City cop. If you don't know, NYC cops and firemen have been engaged in a Battle of the Badges since, oh, the beginning of time. These views in no way represent the policies and/or practices of the New York City Police Department. Keep in mind this is only a rant, I need to blow off some steam.

08-09-06, 09:30 PM
It's an ok show. I catch it by accident once in a while. I don't like that guy though. He bugs me.

08-10-06, 02:33 AM
LOVE THAT SHOW. Awesome characters.