: What I hate about the 2007 Escalade!!!

08-06-06, 11:19 PM
I recently upgraded from a 2003 Ford Expedition 4x4 Eddie Baur and purchased a 2007 fully loaded black Escalade... There's nothing else from the factory that I can put in this Escalade... I guess except for the 3rd row floor mats or something. I love the way this car looks, I can't stop looking at it! :)

The only thing that really really really sucks is the fact that there are no power 3rd row seats and I have to actually take these damn seats out manually and stick them on the floor of my garage to get the same type of gargo space as my cheap ass Ford Expedition... c'mon Cadillac what a total disapointment, why go through the trouble of putting power second row seats when the real need for power seats is in the 3rd row? Plus these damn seats are too heavy to be taken out by my wife when she runs errands... I mean the Mercedes Benz GL 450 is at the same price point and has these fold down seats. I cannot believe that in this price segment Cadillac would not go for the power fold down seats... They should have fixed the suspension to accommodate the space for these seats... Damnit!

Also, I hate not having blue tooth... it completely sux that everyone and their mothers in cheap ass cars has blue tooth built in with their Navigation units... Why couldn't Cadillac put in the $25 cheap ass electronics to put this feature in... c'mon its a car its not rocket science...

Another thing i can't stand is the non power tilt, and non telescoping steering wheel!!! C'mon! Even a cheap Acura has this feature as standard!

And why why why, for the love of Pete can I not change my Nav destination and browse through my MP3 CD's while I am driving? I dont get it?!?!??! This is a normal feature for much cheaper cars... c'mon Cadillac dont' tell me how I should be driving and what I need to be paying attention to while I am on the road....

And the last thing, why do I not have auto up on all my windows, I have auto down on them but not auto up, there is no way that that peice of cheap electornics from China to make my window go up auto like it goes down is too expensive for Cadillac to put in...

But anyway... I love this car soooooo much even with all the crazy let downs... Maybe 2 escalade generations from now cadillac will get it stragiht... but that's just my opinion dont flame me!


08-07-06, 02:56 AM
I'm still waiting for my ESV, but I had a demo for a week and agree with your assessment 100%.

- The rear seat is a burden, though less on the ESV due to increased cargo room. It would have been nice if they had done something similar to the SRX.

- Bluetooth was almost a deal-breaker for me. Sounds crazy and I'm fully aware I can get a $20 headset, but I shouldn't have to. I'm not like many here who go the aftermarket route - I prefer factory integration and for nearly $70,000, I'd expect Bluetooth. On the upside, I spoke to my dealer again this past weekend and he said that GM is definitely adding bluetooth this fall and he's under the impression that the hardware was recently put into the production process (so if you order one now, it should have the hardware, as I understand it) and it will later just be a simple software upgrade at your dealer. Let's hope that works out as Onstar, apart from airbag deployment notification - sucks.

- I too would like to change my destination while moving, although, for once, I understand what they're doing here. It's the "hot McDonald's coffee" all over again. Someone from the bottom of the gene pool would enter in Uncle Buck's address rolling 85MPH down the highway, crash into the concrete barrier and sue GM for allowing him to be.... stupid.

It is rather disappointing that Cadillac can't take features from the STS, that costs significantly less, such as bluetooth, complete voice recognition, adaptive cruise, telescopic steering with memory profile, etc.

With that said, it's a beautiful vehicle... I look forward to many trips with the wife and kids. I must say, however, I would not have gotten it had it not been for my GM discount, incentives, etc.

Good luck with yours and congrats... hope the issues you have with the vehicle become accepted over time. :)

Lord Cadillac
08-07-06, 04:33 PM
I think this thread is great. In fact, I'm copying the first two posts into the "Open letters to Cadillac Corporate" section.. Sure, it's nice to hear how great Cadillacs are - but these are the kinds of things Cadillac needs to hear. It IS ridiculous that the windows have auto DOWN but no auto UP. No Bluetooth? That IS ridiculous.. No power tilt or telescopic steering wheel? Isn't this a Cadillac? And no power third-row seats? Yes, this IS a big concern for many people. These are all options that have no business being left out of a near $70,000.00 Cadillac.

08-07-06, 04:57 PM
They sure do look nice when I see them on the road.

Lord Cadillac
08-07-06, 07:34 PM
No doubt about it. They're awesome looking vehicles.. The best looking SUV, if you ask me.. And I'm not Biased, either..

08-07-06, 07:37 PM
They look nice for sure, i have not seen many with bigger rims yet.

08-09-06, 10:24 PM
You got Rep points for that post from me. It could not have been said much better! Thanks for taking the time for to say it.:worship:

04-06-07, 05:41 AM
I could not agree more with the first two post within this thread. Every other SUV in the class has these options. Many in lesser price points have these options and some far beyond. I want to add just a few more problems while we are bitching about Cadillac being cheap.

A) If you are going to include power steps, MAKE SURE THEY WORK. It is like owning a Range Rover, you never know if it is going to work.

B) You have a keyless entry and drive feature on two of your cars already, the XLR and STS, would it have been so hard to reach deep in that parts bin to add the same feature to the Esclade?

C) If you are going to offer DirecTV as an option why not install it at the factory. Most dealers act like they have never heard of this. I just chose not to be the first one they have ever installed.

D) Have you heard of a power steering wheel? I think it is an option on a freaking KIA!

E) You had an army of programmers who worked on the nav unit, why not get them to include an I agree page when the car starts like everyone else saying if you are playing with it and crash, I will not sue you. A shocking concept.

F) FOLD FLAT POWER 3RD ROW SEATS!!!! Navigator has had this for like 5 years!

G) BLUETOOTH! The Voice dail Onstar is CRAP. Maybe you should borrow the Voice program from Acura which uses onstar as well. Can understand anyone.

H) iPod jack and power outlet in the console. It is huge, did no one really think of this. Do you think people who drive Esclades don't use iPod's?

I) Headrest TV's!!! Not even going to go there.

J) Why did you put the stupid clock where no one can see it?

K) Esclade buyers like toys and bling, again reach into that parts bin and throw in a head up display. It was an option on a freaking 93 Altima GLE

L) Why do you insist on the use of acres of fake wood? Have you seen the wood in a Jaguar?

M) Whose idea of the wide strip of silver plastic? FIRE THEM

N) Why no hand stiching? Leather should cover ever surface of this car?

O) Why The Chevy headliner? You can buy "alcarta" for $2 a yard at walmart. I am sure they would give you bulk buyer discount!

P) Will your $100k Cadillac include wool carpet or the same nylon crap that is in a $70k Esclade? This is why no one will buy a $100k Cadillac.

Q) Yet Again, why when distronic is offered on your other cars is it not on your flagship, the Esclade?

R) Why the cheap looking steering wheel? Again are you planning to reuse it in your "$100k" Cadillac. Have you ever heard of the VW Pheaton?

S) Why not offer leather options like on the DTS? Using the cheapest leather you can find is not helping you at all.

T) Who on earth came up with the idea of one DVD slot? Can't watch a movie in the rear while using the Nav. And why not be modern and include a HDD based Nav system.

U) A freaking Dodge has a 9 gig "juke box"! Did that one just slip up on you.

V) Why do you sell a truck with 22" wheels only to include a 17" spare? Are the drugs really that good at Cadillac?

W) There is more rear leg room in a Ford 500 than in the rear of an Esclade.

X) Have you never heard of rear side airbags?

Y) How is it possible you built a $70k car in 2007 that is not a 5 star crash car? Does it really cost you like $30k to build this? I mean really, this is a Yukon with fancy bodywork.

Z) Remember those heated and cooled cupholders from the Esclade Plat Ed? Yeah they offer those in the same $15k Dodge!

I could go on but work on these 26 then we will talk.

P.S. You might want to hire someone from a BMW dealership to teach your dealers how to sell and service a $70k + car. My car should be cleaner than when I left it, not have the tech's cig butt in my ashtray! I am not buying a hot honda from auto's r us. The BMW dealer would send some 60 miles with a loaner and take my car for service. The cadillac dealer need 3 days to change the oil and sometimes offer a Catera as a loaner. WTF?

05-24-07, 01:58 PM
I absolutely agree with "bighebrewbear", the only thing (and for me it is a major thing) he forgot to mention: Why shifter on steering column instead of central console (floor shifter)? All other Escalade competitors have it on the floor (except M-B G-class because it's not mechanical shifter), I think it's more practical to have it on the floor (manual shifting) and it just looks better.

Night Wolf
05-30-07, 03:08 PM
It's a sad day when a rebadged Chevy SUV is considered Cadillac's flagship model :(

06-03-07, 11:09 PM
It's a sad day when a rebadged Chevy SUV is considered Cadillac's flagship model :(

How do we know that a Chevy SUV isn't a rebadged Cadillac?

06-06-07, 11:32 PM
How do we know that a Chevy SUV isn't a rebadged Cadillac?

Tahoe/Suburban was first.

It's a sad day when a rebadged Chevy SUV is considered Cadillac's flagship model :(

Yeah, but the Fleetwood (Cadillac of Cadillacs) has basically been a rebadged (and I know I'm walking on thin ice by saying this) Caprice since the '70s.

06-10-07, 09:57 PM
Yes, very thin ice...

06-13-07, 12:36 PM
I can see your arguement on the 99-00 Escalades but what if they worked on the REDESIGNED Escalade first then based the Chevy's off of it?