View Full Version : Bringing a STS to Canada...what extra charges should I expect??

08-07-06, 01:13 PM
Hi I want to bring a 2007 or 2006 STS I dont know which one but What should I expect to be charged bringing it across to Canada like anything bringing it across....or will it be nothing because since the vehicle is manufactured in North America....there are no duties or taxes bringing things that are made anywhere in North America

Also one more thing...should I go for a 2007 I want a v6 with the upgraded sound system features and sunroof NAV is not required but doesnt matter to me could someone throw out some prices for me of what I would expect to pay for a 2006 in January of 2007 is when I am going to buy it....and how much would I expect to pay for a 2007 around then too....thanks alot for any help people

08-07-06, 01:23 PM
also by the way I will be looking for one with a a little bit of miles on it because I dont want to take the huge hit of depreciation once I trade in the vehicle...thanks