: ISC replacement

08-06-06, 09:25 PM
both 95s Ive had needed Idle Speed controllers.
Has anyone found a cheap replacement?
$60 is the cheapest Ive found one.

08-07-06, 01:48 AM
Hey parts68, I replaced that on my Aurora last month. got that part from here:

www.partsamerica.com (http://www.anrdoezrs.net/email-2100269-1484994)

it was about 60 bucks..I search for an hour and couldn't find it cheaper than that. I ordered it on a monday and got it on Wednesday.

08-07-06, 11:24 AM
autozone same price
anyone find any cheaper?

08-09-06, 06:44 PM
no one has changed their Idle speed controller?

08-09-06, 09:20 PM
Try Auto Parts Fast at RockAuto (http://www.rockauto.com) or GM Parts at Brasington (http://www.gmotors.com)

08-10-06, 08:36 AM
My 95's ISC is original, works fine.