: Real techy question on the Clusters (3.6L v6 model)

08-06-06, 06:45 PM
Hey gang.. Still rather new to the forums.. I mainly lurk, but meh.. Anyway, I am in need of some rather technical information about the clusters for the 3.6L model STS..

..Mainly I need to know, how does it work? Let's say I pulled it out, and wanted to wire it in, say, to a 99 Monte Carlo or Buick Century or something? What connections are needed to the computer? DOes it have its won it intersects engine information from? What of the Driver Info System (DIS)? I am wanting to know for a couple reasons.. One, if I ever need to replace it, I would like to know what all is needed to have a "complete" cluster, ready to drop in, and Two, if I ever DO decide to put it in my Monte Carlo or something.. :):) jk everyone!

..Just thoughts.. THanks for any help you guys can give!