: Dropping cradle today, need a bit of guidance

08-06-06, 05:53 AM
(A bit of background information, I was in an accident back in Feb which caused me to hit a median. This bent the subframe a little bit and punched a hole in the oil pan, so I did a half assed repair job, using about a gallon of JB weld. Now I'm replacing the oil pan and subframe (along with some body parts.))

So I have my FSM handy, and I have removed everything I need to drop the powertrain & subframe, the lift and everything's ready to go.

Now I need to remove the steering column from the steering rack. I can barely see the thing in the first place. How the heck do I remove it??

Thanks a lot to anyone who can help me out here. :)

08-06-06, 09:20 AM
There is a single bolt that attaches the steering column to the rack on my '97. I'm not sure what year yours is. You get to it by opening the drivers door and removing the black panel that covers the underdash. Then you can look up at the steering column close to where it meets the firewall. You will then see the joint connection you are looking for. The bolt to remove is about a 10mm or similar size. Remove that bolt and you are unhooked.

The steering shaft will slide out as you lower the cradle. There is a rubber boot around the steering shaft on the engine side that you need to watch for as you lower the cradle. When I did it the boot caught on the lower steering joint and ripped. It's only about a $21 dollar part but can be avoided with some care.


08-06-06, 11:05 AM
I took off the bolt at the bottom of the column. It is a pain to get to as you have to hold the boot up to access the bolt. It has to come out, not just loosened.

The upper bolt might be an easier way to do it as you have more room to work.

Everyone takes better pics than I do....sigh...

08-08-06, 04:25 AM
I forgot to say this yesterday... THANKS. I got the body up pretty far before a cloud decided to open up on us, so I just set it back down. I ended up disconnecting from inside the car.

08-08-06, 06:33 AM
Glad to help. Good luck getting your car back the way it should be.