: Cruises....Anyone ever go on one?

Rey Rey 650
08-04-06, 04:13 PM
Well, its friday and im bored out of my freakin mind! Im heading out to Long Beach tomorrow morning to go on a cruise to Mexico(Mazatlan,Puerto Vallarta, Cabo) with my family... I hope we get a good set of people on the boat... Its my 4th cruise... Cant wait :alchi:

08-04-06, 04:52 PM
never been on one .....its a floating Center for Diesease controll ....they have more viruses then some of my ex girlsfreinds ...

some people collect baseball cards ...others STDs .....

Rey Rey 650
08-04-06, 05:38 PM
never been on one .....its a floating Center for Diesease controll ....they have more viruses then some of my ex girlsfreinds ...

some people collect baseball cards ...others STDs .....

Viruses are nothin...I did go to STDSU (SDSU) lol

08-04-06, 06:13 PM
I haven't been on a cruise, but this one guy I know was on a cruise a couple weeks ago where the boat almost tipped over. Ended up being a computer problem linked with the rudder, causingthe boat to turn all the way starboard. He said it tipped nearly 30 degrees, emptying out the 10 foot deep swimming pools, flooding the dining halls on the top deck, and flooding down the stairs.

08-04-06, 06:25 PM
Now you're talking my language. I sail with Royal Caribbean twice a year to Bermuda and all around the Caribbean. IMHO there is no other way to vacation.

Cruises require planning and should not be jumped into. If you go on the spur of the moment and aren't sure what to expect you may not enjoy it. There's a lot to know and all cruise lines are certainly not created equal.

There is a lot of good information here http://cruisecritic.com/index.cfm

If you or anyone has questions regarding cruising, please feel free to ask. I love talking about it.

I have never been involved with a problem cruise. All cruise lines have problems. In regards to the tipping, yes it's sucks but in order for a ship to be able to carry passengers it must be able to recover form a 47deg tilt. Believe me these ships are safer than they've ever been and the likely hood of running into trouble in slim to none.

It's like anything else, ever week tens of thousands of people have great cruise vacations that you don't here about but as soon as 1 ship has a problem everyone in the world knows about it.

08-04-06, 06:29 PM
I did the Mexican Riviera summer before last. Awesome.

Stoney...I passed my STD test with a C+...is that good enough?!

08-04-06, 07:33 PM
Stoney...I passed my STD test with a C+...is that good enough?!
hep c is a badge of honor .....just ask pam anderson ....:thumbsup:

08-04-06, 10:44 PM
I've been on 2 cruises in my lifetime, one was Carnival and the other Royal Carribean. Both were roughly the same size with the same amount of passengers/ activites/ shows/ shopping etc but both were completely different. The Carnival catered to the younger crowd and families while the Royal Carribean seemed to lean to the retirees and the semi-wealthy and wealthy wanna-be's.

I enjoyed both but the Carnival was a bit more my style. It seemed more "comfortable" while RC seemed a little uptight (this is just from my perspective though). Both had plently of activities and the ever-famous buffet! I swear I must've gained 10 lbs on each:D!

Carnival had a bar crawl which was right up my alley! I could get drunk without the fear of driving drunk or getting home OK.

I highly recommend taking a cruise at least once in your lifetime, it's all-inclusive (except for the drinks, some of the food, and gifts). I plan on taking a world cruise when I retire but that's A LONG way off;)!

08-05-06, 06:46 AM
Yeah, but not that kind of cruise. :/ I want to eventually though.

08-05-06, 11:13 AM
That's a pretty accurate statement. Carnival is definitely catering to the 'Party' crowd or younger crowd, while Royal Caribbean is catering to older age group. I would not put them in the retiree class I would say it's more of a good mix of 20 - 50ish range, while Celebrity is more the retiree age group. 55 +

There is also a big difference in ship size. The larger the ship you sail on the more things there will be to do. However you will not feel neglected in any way. Everyone gets special treatment.

Smaller ships usually have less activities along with less passengers. I have never felt like it was more or less personal like people say it is. I feel like I'm treated the same on small and large ships.

08-05-06, 03:37 PM
I agree, Celebrity is for the retirees. I love the bigger ships, I need something to do instead of just "relaxing". It depends on what type of feeling you are going for:

Large ships have all the energy, excitement, and activities. You'll see a lot of people walking around in swimsuits and flip flops. It's a never-ending party, you can eat at 4 a.m. if you wish!

Middle-size ships are a bit less exciting. You have things to do but most people love to relax on Lido deck instead of constantly running around.

Small ships have that private-yacht feeling. You won't see as many passengers or staff. There aren't many activities but you can find something to do. Most people want the feeling of being alone on this gorgeous ship.

For a first time cruiser, I DEFINETLY recommend a large ship! Most first-timers want action and excitement rather than relaxation and tranquility.

08-05-06, 04:36 PM

If you're planning a first time cruise, post here and we'll help you out. As I said planning is important as far as knowing what to expect, what to prepare for and the the pros and cons. Cruising is not for everyone but as I said IMHO it's the only way to vacation. Most bang for the buck.

08-06-06, 12:31 AM
For me, cruises are the best vacation. You can do whatever you want at your pace. I've been on Princess and Royal Carribean. Both are good, but I prefered Princess. RC was a little too informal... they had better food, but the crew didn't seem as cheerful and happy. On princess, it was as formal, or as laid back as you wanted it to be. I don't drink, so I really get off cheap on cruises, as I've noticed that's where they make up a lot of their money... think about it,,, for the price of a cruise, it is about the cost of staying at a hotel. But, you get unbeleivable food, treated as if you are a millionaire, and wake up every morning in a new island. I'm a younger guy, but I prefer the service and atmosphere over more of a party ship. That's probably why I have a Cadillac in the first place. I still feel guilty, because the crew basically works for tips, and you are supposed to generously tip the maid that cleans your room, and we forgot to do that in the rush of packing to disembark. I called RC and they said there is no way to get her the money if I mailed it, and it still bothers me. Bottom line, you've got to try it once and you'll see it's the best value for vacations.

DopeStar 156
08-06-06, 03:05 AM
I've been on two... I fear the sea.......

08-06-06, 09:52 AM
97Deville; I think you may have experience what I did in the RC cruise. I have been on several and the last one I felt the same way. That the crew wasn't into it. That's the first time I saw that on a ship. I was so moved by it not being the norm I wrote RCCL a very lengthy letter about it.

I certainly am not saying I was neglected or anything like that, it's just that we have come to expect the crew to 120% over the top on everything all the time and on this particular voyage, they weren't

Every other time I've gone the crew was fun, upbeat and involved in everything. Sometimes I guess everything just isn't perfect. They do say that Celebrity is a little more formal than the others. Don't know much about Princess

08-06-06, 10:59 PM
Right, the quality of everything was nice... just that it was missing the enthusiasm I was expecting from the Princess cruise the time before. Celebrity is basically a higher tier ship... more focused on being formal almost all the time... I think finding a balance is what makes it fun. I just remember at all the Islands that we stopped at, I remember feeling sorry for the Carnival passengers, because they always seemed to have a huge line getting back into the ship after spending the day at the island. Many times the ships were docked at the same pier, so I'd just walk by this huge line of people, and some of them gave nasty looks as I just hopped back on the ship or the tender.

08-07-06, 01:08 AM
I never had a line on my Carnival cruise...I waited about fifteen minutes for the tender in Cabo, but other than that, I always breezed right through. The wait to get on the ship for departure was ridiculously long, but there was some sort of medical emergency involving a pregnant woman, so it was understandable, and they credited everyone on board with a twenty dollar liquor tab since we missed the first meal of the cruise. I like booze, so I was alright with it! :)

08-07-06, 01:57 AM
Maybe you think I'm weird, but I can't see myself on a frickin' boat for days with a gazillion other people. I think I'd get bored to death. No offense, this is just how I view long stays on boats.

My idea of a vacation is to be on an insolated stream waiting for a fish to rise. I get there by my small airplane - fly, fly, fly and land on an isolated back country strip. Hike or bicycle a few miles and cast my line with nobody for miles. Just me and maybe my best buddy or my cute girlfriend. Being on a boat is the antithesis of this.

I'm wondering what makes being on a boat for a week such a fun vacation esp with sooo many people in your face....

08-07-06, 08:22 AM
I did a few cruises on the USS Mdway and USS Enterprise. Our Marine recon squadron flew missions off of them.

Exotic ports like Viet Nam, Korea and Okinawa. Plenty of free food and "cozy" compartments. Our racks were stacked 3 high and 6' long end to end. I have no sympathy for prisoners who complain about their living conditions!

08-07-06, 08:37 AM
Maybe you think I'm weird, but I can't see myself on a frickin' boat for days with a gazillion other people. I think I'd get bored to death. No offense, this is just how I view long stays on boats.

Trust me- boring is at the bottom of the list when someone decribes a cruise. It isn't a "boat", it's a ship. The ship is massive, imagine a 900 story building turned on it's side with 13 stories!

Your view of a vacation seems to revolve around tranquility, I'd seek out a small ship and trust me, you won't see a "gazillion" passengers around.

Don't knock it until you've tried it:).

08-07-06, 11:59 AM
Boat, ship, whatever. Main problem is the gazillion people on board.

I see 5000 fat, old foggie retirees playing shuffleboard ad naseum.

My 'view' on cruises is that it's for people who need someone else to tell them what to do on their vacation. Again no offense, this is how I see it.

DopeStar 156
08-07-06, 12:24 PM
The problem is the 350 lb. people in swimsuits. I saw this fat old guy in a speedo on one and nearly vomited in the pool.....

08-07-06, 05:10 PM
Thu: I have had many people say things like that to me and let me tell you. If you're board on a cruise ship, you fell asleep. I guarantee you'll be late for diner every night trying to keep up with the events happening around you.

As far as people, yes on large ships there are a lot of people. There are also a lot of places for those people to be and things for them to do. It's not like 3500 passengers all hang out in the same place at the same time.

If you want more alone time or more space, sail on a smaller ship. There will be less to do but you'll definitely have more space. And certainly don't knock it until you try it. And no one tells you what to do. That's the thing about cruising, you can do everything or you can do nothing. It's up to you.

08-07-06, 06:44 PM
Okay everyone, thanks for the tips. Looks like this is one subject I'm very ignorant about. I dunno if I'll keep avoiding cruises, but if I come across the opportunity, I'll be a little smarter about it.

08-07-06, 09:43 PM
Just to sum up. Like I said there is a lot to know.

Cruising is not for everyone but I do thing everyone should try it at least once. Many people have opinions on how they'll feel or what they'll get to do. Most are mislead or have formed bad opinions based on assumptions.

Please if you ever get to go and have any questions at all. Feel free to ask them. Your cruise vacation will be much more pleasurable when your armed with some basic information.

RCCL Platinum Member :alchi:

08-08-06, 12:08 AM
Last one I went on was the Mexican Riviera!
Was a good trip!!! :thumbsup:

08-08-06, 03:06 PM
Never been on a Cruises but go every year down south to the resorts that are AI.
Been to Cuba 5x, Panama3x, Niagara, Sans Andrea Island. Brazil,
I would hate to pay for booze.
Love going to beach and swim up bar:worship:
I donnot know if I handle 3500 in one place

08-08-06, 06:09 PM
...........I would hate to pay for booze..........

no shit, my bill for booze alone for the cruise was about $800 and does not even include what i brought on the damn boat myself.....:alchi: