: `93 STS Seville vs `72 Ford Galaxie

08-02-06, 12:05 PM
Hi everyone!
I have a friend whom gets off on showing others up. He had an old-beatup Cadillac something, then I bought a sexy `93 STS Seville, which pissed him off.

Yesterday, he told me that he's buying a `72 Ford Galaxie, though he didn't say which engine it had (351-2V, 400-2V, 429-4V).
My Seville has a 295HP V8. If 351, 400 and 429 are referring to HP, then he has me beat there.

What do you all think - which car would outrun the other?

08-02-06, 09:25 PM
Your STS will walk all over the Galaxie. The 351, 400, and 429 are engine sizes.

08-02-06, 11:49 PM
Yup. The 429 might have 270hp, but with a 3 speed tranny, and 4200 lbs of weight it's bogged down. Your STS will walk all over it.

08-03-06, 12:17 PM
Thank you both!

08-04-06, 11:21 PM
Well, assuming it's still stock you'll walk the hell out of it easily. But if it has an exhaust and sounds like it's running bad, stuff like that, you might wanna watch out.

08-04-06, 11:58 PM
Turns out the 429 in the '72 Ford Galaxie is rated at 208hp, not the 270 like I guessed. The 351 and 400 were even worse. I dunno why Ford's V8's made less power than the comparable GM V8s of the time. For example, Ford's 460 in '72 was rated at 212 or 224hp in the Lincolns. Oldsmobile's 455 was rated at 275hp in the '72 Toronado.