: so supposedly i have picked picked for a "pimp your ride" sponsorship

08-02-06, 06:34 AM
well, it wasnt just an e-mail that was sent to me, because i signed up for it. but im very skeptical. i may still sign up for it, but im not paying anything.

here is the e-mail

Hi andrew,

Congratulations! You have been chosen for the Pimp Your Ride Sponsorship! Before we go into the details on your exciting new sponsorship we want to thank you and our sponsors for making this opportunity possible. Without VerticalDoors Inc, Tsunami, RevPM.com, Blaupunkt USA, Optimal Graphics Inc., StreetFX, and our other exclusive sponsors, this would not be possible. If you are not familiar with these companies and the types of sponsorships they award, we suggest that you visit our website to learn more.

Also, because you only filled out our fast app, our sponsors require some additional questions about you and your future car plans. For your convenience, I have set up a web page for you. Please go to ... and answer the questions to the best of your ability. Please keep in mind; we have the right to refuse your application for any reason. To ensure success, please answer the questions appropriately, clearly and truthfully. Please submit your answers as soon as possible. Once submitted, we will contact you via email or phone within 24 hours.

In the meantime, please gather any photos of your vehicle as we may require those at some point during the sponsorship period for before/after press releases.


Ragen St. Peter
'Pimp Your Ride' Campaign Manager
East Coast Division

08-02-06, 06:34 AM
so thats that, and here are the "rules"

Pimp Your ride - Frequently Asked Questions CarSponsorships.com is a sponsorship placement agency working with many established automotive companies. We screen, manage and support all sponsorships that we award. Our Proven Screening Process is backed and supported by some of the most reputable automobile companies in the world. These companies allow us to distribute their sponsorships to those who qualify.

What is a 'Pimp Your Ride' Sponsorship?

A Pimp Your Ride sponsorships is a sponsorship where you, the driver/owner of the car will receive at least one full sponsorship from one of our participating sponsors, 3 quasi-sponsorships and 1 industry "perk" sponsorship from our sponsors. These sponsorship packages range from graphics, audio, suspension, lighting, tint, and others. You will also have the opportunity to be featured at one of the H.I.N. shows. You are responsible for installation of all products.

Does CarSponsorships.com work with major automotive companies, recording artists and car show events??
Yes, we work with Interscope Records, the recording company for Eminem, 50 Cents and others. We just recently participated in providing sponsorships for a transformation of the I-Scream Trucks for the Anger Management Tour. We also are the Official Sponsorship Agency for the (NCCA) Nat'l Custom Car Assoc.
Is my car going to be featured on MTV's Pimp My Ride?
No, we are not MTV's Pimp My Ride Television Show. We do however provide the same type of service by getting you sponsored so you can transform your car into a show car. We also give you a chance to be featured in magazines, H.I.N. car shows, press releases and other media exposure.

Is there any cost?

If we don't get you sponsored you don't pay. Only if we secure you a sponsorship from an automotive company will you be charged the one-time $89 processing fee.

Why do companies use CarSponsorships.com to manage their sponsorships?

Companies use us to screen, review and manage sponsorships because they need to insure that those promoting and displaying their products are reliable and trustworthy people. Unfortunately, many applicants claim they will do alot for their sponsors but in reality they are just all talk. That's why we insure that the applicants that we sponsor are qualified.

Why are companies willing to sponsor me?

Sponsorships play an integral role in a companies success. They need your help getting their products into your local community.

Do I have to use my sponsorships within a certain date?

Yes. You have one full year to use your sponsorship(s). However, it's best to use them as soon as possible. Many companies issue sponsorships at certain times of the year because they have more time to work with their sponsored individuals. If they get into their busy season they might not have too much time to dedicate to you.

Do I have to buy something from my sponsor?

You are never obligated to purchase products from your sponsor. If you get a full sponsorship you will not have to pay for any products. Some companies may ask that you pay for shipping. Quasi-Sponsors will give you a special discounted price on their products to assist you in building your car but you are never required to purchase them to keep your sponsorship status.

How many sponsorships will you negotiate for me?

After we secure your initial sponsorships, we will continue to negotiate and secure for you other sponsorships throughout your 12 months sponsorship status. You are never charged for additional sponsorships.
Is my sponsorship transferable if I sell my car?

Yes, we can transfer your sponsorship but the individual that is purchasing it will need to contact us.
Should I contact my sponsors directly?

No, we ask that you do not contact them. They use us to manage and support all questions regarding products and sponsorships.
How do I contact you?

Office Hours: M-F 9am-5pm (EST)
Contact Phone Number: (239)274-5552
Fax Number: (239) 277-7955
Regional Sponsorship Advisor: Ragen St. Peter
H.I.N Sponsorship Coordinator: Amy Chase
Email: Support@CarSponsorships.com
Can I get sponsored if I am under 18 years old?

Yes, you can be any age but we recommend that you have your parent or guardian involved if you are under 18.
I have a certain company that I would like to get sponsored by. Can you contact them for me?
Yes, after we negotiate and secure for you your initial sponsorships, we will assign a sponsorship agent to assist you in getting sponsored by a company of your choice.
Is there anything else that I should know? Please go to our main application page and view our terms and conditions.

08-02-06, 11:53 AM
Try it out. What can you lose, $89? I would go for it!

08-02-06, 12:20 PM
haha, idk if i want to lose $89, but it would be sweet. haha, it says you will be featured in an H.I.N. show. hmm im sure they would like a big ol 1988 cadillac fleetwood brougham in an import show. :-) but my car would steal the show being the only caddy there.

08-02-06, 03:13 PM
With sponsors like "Vertical Doors Inc", "Optimal Graphics Inc", and "StreetFX", I'd be skeptical too.

08-02-06, 04:56 PM
ive heard of streetfx but not the other ones, and i wouldnt want any of that stuff on my car. i dont need stickers, i need more torque. lol.

what i would really like to do is get my car on overhaulin' :-)

08-03-06, 04:12 AM
That guy wants your money. Watch yourself.

We've been over it many a time at racingsouthwest.com..

08-03-06, 06:23 AM
yea, im not doing it. it sounds like a load to me. and most of it seems to be graphics stuff which will be the absolute last thing that would ever touch my caddy. and vertical doors will never touch my car either.

so i guess its a pretty simple choice. send overhaulin an application :-)

08-03-06, 05:44 PM
i got one of those in my email the other day. i dont remember signing up for it either. was the exact same message too. no i wouldnt do it.