: '69 Sed DeVille Body Molding

02-09-04, 10:58 PM
:hmm: So heres the story: I'm flippin thru my caddy parts and supply catalog ('49-'70) looking for parts for my '69 Sedan de Ville (BTW all these parts from usapartssupply.com are overpriced, but good for reference) And i come across the body molding section where i see a picture of this neat looking body molding for the '69 model line, excluding Eldos. The exact text next to the price is: "12.116CZ 69 All Ex Eld-Between Trunk & Tail Light-Pair 21.99" (ok maybe not such a bad price) Ive attached a photo of the book. So maybe im just crazy or blind, maybe both, but i cant find this 'body molding' on my sedan, am i missing something?? i havent even seen it on other '69s. Help! it looks like a cool little piece of trim, but where on earth does it attach? Anyone who knows about this part please help me out! I found a set on eBay a while back but didnt buy them because i didnt know a thing about them. Please help me! Thanks guys, as always---> :worship: