View Full Version : traction control sucks!

02-09-04, 08:15 PM
How do you shut the traction control off on these cars!!!????
They freakin suck in deep snow......

El Dobro
02-09-04, 08:47 PM
How about a year and model. My 98 has a button on the console and my 93 shuts the traction control off through the on board diagnostics.

02-09-04, 09:19 PM
sorry....its a 94 eldorado

El Dobro
02-09-04, 10:11 PM
If you don't have a switch on the console or in the glove box, try this. I got this out of my Allante's diagnostic guide. Go into diagnostics and look for PCM Override. When you get there, see if there's a PS24. That's Traction Control Disable. If there is, hit the Warmer button to disable it. There's also a note that says it will be disabled for 11 ignition cycles. If you want to turn it back on sooner, just go back into it and hit the Cooler button.

Sean McDonald
02-10-04, 03:26 PM
Or you can do what I did on my 94 STS. When you open the trunk, there is a little fuse panel on the left. The fuse in the bottom right corner is the ABS fuse, simply remove it and it disables the traction control.

02-10-04, 04:28 PM
hmmm i like the traction control in the snow. it helps some, and it helps to know when your tires are spinning, like if your in a turn.

02-10-04, 04:38 PM
Disabling TCS in deep snow doesnt sound like a good deal to me...

Removing the fuse starts it 2nd, which might not be a bad idea for winter driving (so you dont spinning).....

Night Wolf
02-10-04, 04:49 PM
turning tracton off starts the car in 2nd......

.....again, why would you remove the ABS fuse in snow?

02-10-04, 05:04 PM
It would be fun for parking lot donut madness :devil:

02-10-04, 08:53 PM
traction control doesn't work when you are in a situation of deep snow with ice under it.
You need some horsepower to get some speed and burn your way through it like I did with it off.
On the most part its good for driving on the road in snowy conditions.