: Welp, my laptop is gone :( but I bought a new toy :)

07-31-06, 05:54 PM
Laptop screen acted up. Acer rocks....online warranty request, they even had FedEx pick it up! When's the last time you didn't have to pay shipping for a warranty repair? lol :crybaby: Miss her already, its my main way I cruise this place :cool:

But to ease my pain I bought this

Nice new black D5 :D I had a 3 year old digicam, old Kodak, totally obsolete. That one's going to my 4-year old :)
and I get a new 7MP toy. I'll post a pic of my car with the new hardware on my Zoints :bouncy: :worship:

07-31-06, 06:59 PM
I thought you were gonna say you bought another front end for your V. :hide:

But seriously, have fun...let's see some shots with that thing.

07-31-06, 07:07 PM
I havent had an Acer since 1994, but I remember liking them. I nearly bought one of their laptops earlier this year.

07-31-06, 08:53 PM
I must say I was very impressed with the warrantee service that I had with my Toshiba. I had problems with the lcd monitor, they sent me a box to ship it in, I sent it out on Monday, they got it by Tuesday across the country (CA to TN) fixed it and sent it back to me by Wednesday.

I hope your repair is quick and successful. I'm glad to see that you didn't buy an Olympus. They are proprietary when comes to repair, if anything goes wrong they are the only ones who can and will repair them and they are happy to do so at a minimum of $187.00. By the time mine needed repair that was nearly 70% of the replacement cost of what was a decent model in it's day (C5050)

Enjoy your new Sony, I've heard lots of good things about them. :)

07-31-06, 10:56 PM
Ohh Ohh I'm an Acer reseller. Let me give you quotes :)

08-01-06, 03:31 PM
lol Acer received it :D

Nice....free fedex overnight pickup :worship:

08-01-06, 09:18 PM
that sucks man. my laptop at home is messed up. plug it in and it wont turn on. i took it to the place i bought it and they said it was the power wire or something... gonna have to replace it and its gonna cost like 110 bucks or something. damn laptops...

I thought you were gonna say you bought another front end for your V. :hide: