: tranny troubles in Montana

02-09-04, 07:13 PM
Hey Everyone,
I've got some tranny troubles on my 85 biarritz. The tranny seems to be strong in town and in general driving. But when i go out on the interstate for about 45 minutes, i run into an annoying quirk. It shifts beautifully all the way up into overdrive. After some time, it will shift down into third to get up a hill or something. After that, it will not go back into overdrive, whatever i do. I've slowed down, stopped, let it cool down, and everything else i could think of. But is has to sit for a long time before things get back to normal. Its really annoying to have to drive the Montana interstates at 60 or slower. Because when i try to go any faster without overdrive, idiot lights start to appear and things like cruse control and climate control shut off. If anyone knows anyting about this worthless drivetrain, i would appreciate the advice.