: is there a 60's forum

07-31-06, 10:38 AM
is there a forum on here just for old cadi's like a 62 sedan deville-I dont see anything just for the new cars


07-31-06, 11:04 AM

Forum for discussions regarding the rear wheel drive Pre80s-1985 DeVille and Fleetwood, 1985-1996 Fleetwood/Brougham.

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08-01-06, 12:50 PM
You might want to try the Cadillac Mailing List (CML). It's an email list group that mostly deals with 70's and older Cadillacs. You are right, there isn't much talk here about the older Cadillacs.

Lord Cadillac
08-01-06, 04:48 PM
While we don't have much of a "Classics" following, we certainly would love to.. Maybe you could start some discussions with your questions.. Give it a try in the appropriate forum and let's see where we can go with it...

10-23-06, 07:36 PM

Personally, I love the 60's era Cadillacs! But I have 3 boys I'm trying to save for college for, so I have no dough for these sweethearts. But I love to talk about 'em and look at them anytime I get a chance. I collect all the advertising from magazines related to the '60's Cadillacs. I love the romanticism in their old ads. They don't write ad copy that way anymore.
Those were the good ol' days for sure, at least for motor cars.