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07-31-06, 09:33 AM
Hello. I'm Jim Beard but you can call me Jims_97_ETC if you like.

In September 1997 I went to a Chevrolet-Cadillac dealer in the L.A. area to buy a new 1998 Corvette. When I walked in, the Chevy guys had a couple of demos that they wanted to show me but they wouldn't show me an option sheet. My wife, who is very perceptive about people, immediately went outside in the heat and sat on the motorcycle and waited for me to get fed up and leave.

I had been following the Northstar since the 1992 Car of the Year award to the STS (with the 4.9!) and Car and Driver's enthusiastic testing of the E/K cars. The ETC was a little lighter and a tiny bit quicker than the STS at that time.

For three days, the Cadillac people kept pushing money across the table and the Chevy people kept putting their nose in the air when I asked about ordering a car. The Cadillac people found my threshold before the Chevrolet people were willing to discuss what I wanted. I was glad the first day and, almost 9 years later, my ETC is still my baby and I plan to drive it for many more years.

I've since moved to South Jersey near Philly and do college teaching. I'm interested in helping others diagnose problems for cars that my FSM applies to -- the 1992-1999 E/K body cars and the 1995-1999 Northstars. I grew up in the car business before I got a white collar job, and have done my share of car innards work, to include a valve job on a Chevrolet 327 and a manual transmission swap on an old car, installing an air conditioner on a 1959 Chevrolet, and such.

I recently got a remanufactured engine because I let my coolant go too long without flushing and a head bolt pulled out. At 117,000 miles, the o-ring was leaking. At about 75,000 miles, an oil-burning problem had suddenly appeared and that was a struggle too. The combination of the three things made a remanufactured engine the least expensive long-term solution. I notice that it doesn't start instantly when hot and has been sitting for 5-15 minutes, and I have an interest in your FPR changing pictorial. I was impressed with that and decided to join here.

08-02-06, 08:15 AM
Welcome Jim!

Thanks for joining! Sounds like you have some good experience you can share. Thanks for the kind words about the forum, they are always appreciated!

08-02-06, 12:19 PM
Paul -- I hope I can contribute. I'll watch for sticky problems with 1994-1999 E/K bodies.

My first reaction to a difficult question without PCM codes is to ask for the codes. Do you have a page that tells people how to pull codes?

08-03-06, 07:22 AM
:welcome: to the forum!