View Full Version : Verizon RAZR V3C and STS Bluetooth

07-29-06, 06:17 PM
:) I just bought my Infrared STS today and the only problem I am having is linking my Verizon RAZR V3C to the STS bluetooth system...I was able to connect properly to the system but everytime I turn the car off and reenter the phone doesn't automatically sync with the bluetooth system...I never had this problem with my BMW 3 Series and I am confused...Cadillac customer service was no help at all....Any advice? Thanks in advance.

07-30-06, 08:40 AM
make sure you make the razr the default phone--should be underlined--my razr works great--now the vr system and commands are something else!

07-30-06, 02:56 PM
I did make it my default phone...The only problem is when I hit aux and go to the phone pad-----the dial pad is unhighlighted and I can't dial from the touchscreen...Any suggestions?

07-30-06, 08:49 PM
Was the car moving when you saw this? If so, try it with the car stopped.

07-30-06, 08:56 PM
Shouldn't you be able to dial from the touchscreen when the car is moving? I can only dial from the actual RAZR phone..........The touchpad come on once in a while......Confusing.

07-30-06, 09:11 PM
no--unfortunately--if the car is moving at all or out of park this is one of the functions that blanks out--GM says for safety's sake

07-30-06, 09:18 PM
So you have to dial directly from your phone? Is there a cradle available for the RAZR? Thanks for all your help....

07-30-06, 09:28 PM
The STS unlike BMW's does not support OBDX exchange so instead they have a seperate address book that you input your most common numbers into. You can then set up voicetags to dial them via VR without having to use your V3's keypad.

There are no "cradles" that GM offers or has as "authorized accessories. There are aftermarkets that you can find however.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new ride.

07-31-06, 12:37 PM
On your phone go to Settings, Connections, Bluetooth, and make sure the first line is set to "Find Me." You should be connected whenever you get in the car.

You have to enter your frequently called numbers in the nav system for voice recognition "phone dial name" or if you know the number you can just say "Phone enter" and you'll be prompted to say the number.

If you can't do one of those, you'll have to take out the phone and dial the numbers from there. It sounds like you know the numbers so just use the voice recoginition.

I have an Infrared STS too. I love it.

07-31-06, 04:11 PM
I have the exact same problem with my Samsung A640.
The phone dial comes on and off when driving,Imade the phone the default and still I have it connect it every time. Dam My motorola V600 worked perfect. I have the boothtooth on my phone in available always mode .but the caddy cannot find the phone.. Will try dealer to solve the problem LOL

08-26-06, 09:24 AM
I have an '05 STS and just got my Verizon Razr V3c. It connects to Bluetooth through the Nav system fine, but then I can't hear anything or say anything, it's like the system is dead. I can dial out, the call connects, no one can hear me.

Any thoughts?