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07-29-06, 02:02 PM
Hey Guys 'n' Gals,
It's been a while since I've been around, thought I should let you all know (those of you who know me and care) what's happening with me.

As you can see, I've relinquished my Moderator position, I haven't had time to be here and fulfill my responsibilities so I asked Sal to pass them on to someone more worthy.

All is well with me. My family is happy and well. We are blessed.

I decided to close down my business due to continuous late payments. I'm now working for another HVAC contractor as a field foreman. It's a quality company, medium size, family owned and operated. In fact, it's the company I started with when I entered the trade in 1978. I'm happy to be back with them.

The project I am running is interesting and challenging. As I told Sal, my daily routine is to come home, eat dinner, take a nap on the couch and then go to bed. I haven't had the energy to spend time on the forum or do much else for that matter. The work is hard, especially in this little heat wave we've been having, but it is good and I'm glad to have a steady income once again.

I've lost weight since becoming more active in the field, around 15 lbs so far, getting back to my normal fighting weight! I've also stopped coloring my hair, what you see is what you get now (I'm turning platinum blond in some areas!). It's cut very short, I'm not a baldy, just a nice close crew cut.

We're on a little family weekend getaway right now, the girls are out shopping and I'm lounging about here at the motel.

So, there it is for now. I'll be by every now and then.
Take care everybody! Be courteous to each other, "Play nice with the kiddies!",


07-29-06, 02:43 PM
Glad to hear everything is working out Kev!

07-29-06, 02:54 PM
:yeah: Glad to hear things are going well. :D

07-29-06, 02:58 PM
I wondered what happened to you. Glad all is well. Now, they should give me your mod position. I would rule with an iron fist and make the streets flow with the blood of the non-believer.

07-29-06, 04:32 PM
good to see all is well kevo ....sounds like weve boath found great jobs ....

Lord Cadillac
07-29-06, 04:44 PM
Good to see ya, Kev! But, we'll miss your company around here. Do stop in from time to time to say hello....

07-29-06, 05:32 PM
Wow, if you gave us your weiner size, we'd know everything about you.

07-29-06, 06:29 PM
Glad to hear that you are healthy; and,
that you are happily employed Sir Kev!

You have been missed.

I am truly pleased to hear that things are going
so well for you; all the best to you and your

However, please do not feel obligated to
provide your weiner size.

Best Regards,


07-29-06, 10:47 PM
HI KEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncy: :D :D :D :D :D

Glad everything is good!! So do you look like George Clooney now since you stopped dying your hair?!

07-30-06, 12:40 AM
I'd been wondering where you were. Figured you were busy with work; glad you're working steady, as I'm sure you are. You've got your priorities straight.

I quit dyeing my hair a year or so ago. What hair I have left is probably 80% gray. I even started cutting it myself with clippers after the girl who had been cutting it changed careers. With a 1/4" attachment, I keep it really short. But when you're going bald, shorter is better.

Enjoy the time with the family, and drop in on your Cadillac family too once in a while. We miss your wit and wisdom.
If I had known this is what friends are for, I would have signed up as an enemy! Ethel Mertz


07-30-06, 08:08 AM
It's good to hear from you Kev. We miss you around here. It's always good to find a job where you can fell comfortable going to work everyday. Congrats to you on that. Keep in touch my friend.

07-30-06, 09:32 AM
Hi Kev, I hasn't been as much fun around here without you! Glad things are going well.

07-30-06, 02:59 PM
Ya missed ya too! Glad all is well.

07-30-06, 08:34 PM
Pleasure to see you around here again sir! Stop by more often when you can.:thumbsup:

07-30-06, 11:15 PM
Thank you all for your sentiments. I miss having the time and opportunity to hang out here.

Wow, if you gave us your weiner size, we'd know everything about you.
Uh... Big Jim, sorry to disappoint you but ... the wind don't blow that way with me, you're just going to have to live without knowing my wiener size.... :suspect:

HI KEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bouncy: :D :D :D :D :D

Glad everything is good!! So do you look like George Clooney now since you stopped dying your hair?!
Hey Megan, it doesn't matter what I do to my hair, I'm no George Clooney though my honey has said that she thinks I look like Tom Selleck sometimes when I smile...... oh,, nevermind....

We just got home a little bit ago. Nice weekend, didn't have to do anything, got to relax. It was great. We weren't too far from you Megan, we were in Dublin. Weirdest thing this morning, got in the car to go to breakfast and it was crawling with ants! The little buggers must have smelled a few treats the girls left in there. I sprayed most of them with window cleaner, the ammonia burns their little buts. I didn't want to use ant spray as we would have to smell it for the 4 hour drive back home!

Well, it's gettin late for me. Got to get up at 4 am and start a new week.
See you guys around!

07-31-06, 01:22 AM
You were in Dublin! Wow you were very close :thumbsup: That's awesome!

07-31-06, 04:52 PM
Men dye their hair? Fruffy..

BigJim, you've been on a major roll since the toysnob incidents! :thumbsup: