: 97' Cadillac Deville Overheating

07-26-06, 12:06 PM
My 1997 Cadillac Deville,is over heating at a long distance.I've changed the radiator and the termistat,abour 1 week ago,but the overheating problem is still occuring. Can some one tell me why? I will appreciate any help.

07-27-06, 12:44 AM
Check the surge tank cap to be sure it is holding pressure. Check the purge line to be sure it is flowing and not plugged. Check the condensor fins to be sure they are not clogged with dead bugs, restricting air flow. Check to be sure the cooling fans come on at 224 degrees or when ever the A/C is on. Check the water pump belt tensioner to be sure the belt is not slipping. Be sure you have a 50/50 coolant/water mix.

07-27-06, 01:18 AM