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07-26-06, 07:51 AM
After several years without owning a Cadillac, I decided to take a look at the newer style Devilles/DTS's. After driving a few, and expericening that "Cadillac Feel" once again, I was hooked. Bought a low mileage 04 Deville at what I think is a great value, 18.8K. Why did I ever buy that last Chevy? There is nothing like driving a large, American V8 sedan. The CTS is a great looking car, but I like the roominess of the Deville. I will list the Cadillacs I've owned in my life.

1966 SDV Gold 429V8 - daily driver in the 70's
1966 CDV Gold 429V8 - restoration project in 1990
1967 Series 75 Limousine Black - fun car as a teenager
1975 Brougham d'Elegance 500V8 Blue - possibly the most comfortable car ever built.
1980 Brougham d'Elegance Blue 6 liter- daily driver in the 80's
1994 SDV White 4.9 liter - daily driver in the 90's
2004 Deville White 4.6 Northstar - my new daily driver, and by the way, it will blow the doors off my son's Mustang. All the while, getting better gas mileage.

Although I have owned many other cars, Cadillacs are by far my favorite. I've driven BMW's, MB's, Lincolns (not owned) and they don't compare in my view.

I have picked up a lot of good information in your forums and hope to be able to add some value as I go.

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