: Preview Navigation Guide

07-25-06, 11:52 AM
My apologies if this has already been asked in this forum; I performed a search, but did not find any results.

I have a 2006 STS. When I input an address to navigate to, I am given a choice to pick one of 3 routes or to click "guidance" to begin guidance. I was wondering if there was a way to preview each of the three routes (or even one of them), similar to what one would do via local.google.com. I would like to know exactly what streets the route consists of, etc in case I disagree with one of the approaches. Is this functionality in there?


07-26-06, 09:07 AM
It seems to me that when you press the '3 Route's' button it shows you a map with the 3 routes on it (quickest, shortest, normal) , each in a different color and you can get a pretty good idea of how it is taking you to the destination. Since one, two , or three of the suggested routes may be the same or overlap, it sometimes is difficult to separate one from the other.

If you mean to actually do a preview and have the cursor run over the entire route as it can do after you select a route...My God...by the time you get done with that you could be at your destination and return again.

07-27-06, 04:08 PM
Thanks for your reply!

I'm actually just looking for a listing of the roads and turns similar to how mapquest or google does it. See the section on the left:

http://local.google.com/local?daddr=245+Summer+St,+South+Boston,+MA+02210+ %4042.351486,-71.053188&saddr=30+Beacon+St,+Boston,+MA+02108&f=d&hl=en&ie=UTF8&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=42.174768,81.738281&om=1

That would take no time at all to review. And besides, given that you can't work the nav system while it's driving (lame), you'd have plenty of time sitting in park to review your directions.

07-27-06, 09:38 PM

If you try one of these below, you probably will come as close to what you want... Possibly you can even drill further.

(1) If you already have selected the route and have computed it....
Press MENU on the screen, then PREVIEW DESTINATION, then press on the TURN LIST button. This will give you a street by street turn list scrolling brom bottom to top. Not exactly what you want here because you have to first select one of the three routes.

(2) Instead of Calculating route, press the 3 Route Button and then you will find an INFO button in the far upper corner. It does seem to provide a comparison list, however was unable to verify as car was in the garage and GPS was not accessible.

07-28-06, 07:05 AM

The comparison list unfortunately just seems to compare types of roads (highway, toll, off) and the distances on them and not so much specific streets, unfortunately, but the "preview" does start to get me in the right direction. Like you said, the only problem is that I need to choose it after I've selected from the 3 choices, but it still gets me in a better place.

Thanks for all your help guys!