View Full Version : bosch 4's????

the little STS
02-08-04, 09:18 PM
im wonde2ring will bosch 4's or any spark plugs give me a power increase?

02-08-04, 09:28 PM
I have been running +4's for over a year. I put them in because I like to tinker. There is a lot of discussion around the net about plugs and power increases. The only time I think you would really notice anything was if the original plugs were worn. Most modern electronic systems have more than enough oomph to ingnite fuel vapors. I suppse the situation changes with mods that increase compression or mixture like nitrous or forced induction.

Probably not worth the money - but they have perfromed well in my car.

the little STS
02-08-04, 09:41 PM
wat about other company plugs???
like denso?

Aurora By Olds
02-08-04, 10:09 PM
Ive used Bosh's before in my N* and I had nothing but problems. 15k later, I was spending another $50 for ACDelcos.
I've heard discussion upon discussion one the ole GMF board about the +4's, and all other Boshs in the N* and how they are a waste of money. Nothing but misfires, burnt coils, and god only knows what else.
Many people did seem to have luck with the NGK series however.
For what its worth, though, I would say stick with Delco.