: 1/4 mile

07-22-06, 11:08 PM
Alright I went to the track on Wednesday (106 degree day) and my car was running consistant 15.1@92mph so I dialed in at 15.08. It cooled down enough before my next run to do a 14.75@94mph (I never liked losing so much!)

My question is this...what are other 93 ETC's in here running and how do you do it? AND do you think it's a bad idea to race this when the powertrain has over 200K?

The last run I had it in second at the tree, put my left foot on the brake and raised the engine speed to 2500rpm before letting off and blasting. I made five runs total so I'm pretty new at this...any advice would be AWESOME!

07-24-06, 03:00 AM
Well, 14.75 is a good time for a stock ETC. Especially if it was pretty warm out.

I personally run 16 flat (off the spray) with an exhaust, but I haven't made a run under 8000ft density altitude so my numbers aren't exactly comparable to yours. I just stick it in first, load the convertor like you were saying, and go. It'll shift automatically, then I let it engine brake after the traps.

Assuming you have no other problems I'd say your mileage shouldn't be a big factor.

07-24-06, 11:58 AM
I have a bone stock 01 eldo etc and ran a best of 14.98@94 on a fairly cool day. (DA was about 1600ft)


07-24-06, 02:01 PM
my ETC's fastest run was a 14.5 I have modded full cat back exhaust though. ill run 14.7-14.9 all day long

07-26-06, 03:08 AM
Well that's good to hear! I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, then...thanks!:thumbsup:

07-26-06, 04:14 PM
np man best thing to do is power brake at 2500 rpms and keep her in 2nd with t.c ON. if your obd-2

the kewl thing about ur car being its obd-1 which you have you can turn your t/c off by hacking into the dic and keep 1st gear! im sure that would help with your 1/4s

07-27-06, 12:50 AM
When I did my new struts I inadvertantly disabled the TC...but I guess that's a good thing.

My ABS light is also on...is that related?

07-27-06, 01:01 AM
If you replaced active struts with passive, you need to remove the old dampening valves and reconnect them.

07-28-06, 12:07 AM
yea but when your t/c it turned off you lose 1st gear this would turn tc off and keep 1st

Rob Benham
07-30-06, 12:59 AM
This is thread-drift, but connected to what you are saying. After putting on Raybestos rotors, the brakes seem to give a buzz for the first pull away of the drive. No more happens unless I stop the engine and start again.

The fast pulsing is on the brakes I think, and I can certainly feel the pedal vibrate under my foot. The whole thing lasts a tad less than a second I would guess. I have lived with it for a year now, but I don't want it to get worse and put asymmetric brakes on at some critical moment. Rob