: Sticky lifter Update

Elmer Fudd
07-21-06, 11:15 PM
Ranger reccomended Marvel Mystery Oil to help with a lifter "tick", and slowly but surely the snake oil seems to be working. I put in 1 qt. with 6.5 quarts of Mobile 1. I thought for a while about using 1.5 quarts, since the instructions do not specify a ratio, but merely 1 quart in place of oil, which in the typical american car would be about 5:1. But I decided to be conservative and leave it at 6.5 : 1.

Approaching 300 miles and the noise is definately much reduced, and gets a little better every day. Even if it gets no better than it is now I will be very happy. Inside the car you can just barely hear it sometimes, and most of the time not at all. I took two friends to lunch today and neither of them said "Whats that ticking noise???" Being engineers, like me, they would have said something if they could hear it.

Many, many thanks to Ranger for sharing his experience. Hehe, just looking at the bottle of MMO on the self, with that goofy 1940's name, I would never have bought it on my own....

Thanks again......:thumbsup: