: Incentive News Today

07-19-06, 03:13 PM
GM announced today increased incentives on many of their 06'-07' models. Cadillac however, will see NO changes through Sept. 5. on their already announced rebates which started July 6.

07-20-06, 08:39 AM

Do you know if the $2,000 dealer cash on the STS can be combined with the 5 year 2.9% apr since it isn't a rebate? Also, do you think Cadillac will sneak in a 60month 0% 72hr sale before September 5th...? Thanks.:bigroll:

07-20-06, 11:00 AM
Anyone's guess if Cadillac will improve their incentives before Sept. 5. They usually sell the majority of their cars like the DTS towards the end of the model year because that's when they KICK UP their incentives. Will this year be any different? It already has for the $5K cash rebate on the STS was in the earlier part of the model year. STS sales are NOT good so anything can and probably will happen this year again. IMHO as always. GOOD LUCK and remember, later is usually better for the buying Cadillacs.