: Belt Pulley

07-18-06, 05:02 PM
Hey guy its me again. My car make noise when it is idling and it happen to be the serpentine belt pulley/tensioner. Is there anyway I can tighten it or do I have to replace it? Also whe I rev the engine to about 800 and higher the noise goes away.

One more question. I changed my antifrezze/coolant about 2 months ago. And my car run at 224 on highway and 228 on street and 232 idling in the driveway. Is this normal. How do I check if there is air in the system and ellaborate somthing about the purge line. Yes I added the GM tab.

Bill Song

07-18-06, 08:18 PM
If it's a real minor squeak I wouldn't worry about it. If it is bad, then the tensioner needs to be replaced. They are fairly cheap.

07-19-06, 03:26 PM
The tensioners are self adjusting. The bearing grease may be dried up and the bearing may be going bad.

The purge line purges air from the system. With the engine idling, pull the purge line from the surge tank. It is the 3/8" line that runs from the pump housing to the sureg tank. You should see coolant flow, more as RPM's are raised. If there is none, locate and clear the obstruction.

07-21-06, 01:35 AM
Ok thanks