: Ipod2Car Anyone??

Charlee Hu$tle
07-18-06, 03:14 PM
I have an 05 STS V6 laoded. Since I got it I want to have an interface to work the ipod through the stock NAV. screen and steering wheel controls. Every shop told me there was nothing out there yet. I found that the new Ipod2Car module which does what I was looking for listed "2005 Seville" which we all know is an STS. It also states that it installed in the console and will override the AUX input which is located in the console. everything sounded good. I purchased the kit and gave it to my nieghborhood install shop to be insalled. to make a lomg story kinda short... after a day of ripping aprt my entire interior, seats and all, I was informed that this kit only works with models without an indash changer. So either The company who makes Ipod2car wasn't clear on this over sight or my Installer didn't know jack and charged me $$$ to learn how to take apart my car and put it back together. I've tried to contact the company and it seems they are so busy they can't answer the phone or return my messages. Anyone with any input on this would be a big help. Thanks.

07-19-06, 05:18 PM
From how I understand the Ipod2Car (this is from reading their website) it does indeed require a stock CD changer for it to replace. it's a shame your installer didn't figure that out before they tore about your car. (i'd shoot 'em)

07-21-06, 02:32 PM
Sooooo sorry to hear about your Ipod woes...:bighead:

Hindsight always being 20/20 I think their compatibility list was off. The fact that they listed it as 1995-2005 Seville is a dead give-away as there is no way anyone would list it past 2004 when the Seville was retired.

Since it is "their" misprint on a published guide. I would go straight to the manufacturer to get them to not only refund your outlay but also to cover the cost of the "attempted" install...

Good Luck!...:alchi: