: 'Check Brake Fluid' Warning

07-18-06, 12:15 AM
On my '93 STS - North*.......

First, I had , " Check Brake Fluid"
Second, I also had "Traction Control Disabled"
Third, the "ABS" problem logo lit up, along with the "Brake" logo lit up.

( I thought, "What the hell?" )

I filled the brake reservoir up 1" ( it was a tad low).

As I drove, the warnings came back on. I shut off the ign., they went off, them back on again..... ALL of them!!

I UN-PLUGGED the harness plug to the brake reservoir, then plugged it back in, and then the warnings stopped.

So, if your fluid gets low, fill it, unplug then plug back in, the harness.

07-18-06, 07:11 AM
If the lights come back on again, you might be having a problem with the float in the reservoir. I have seen a couple go bad, the float doesn't float or gets stuck in the housing and causes the sensor to read low fluid.
Those other systems are disabled if the fluid level is detected as low.