: heres another noob

Mr Seville
01-11-03, 04:35 PM
whats up guys i'm the new guy. this is the only cadillac ONLY forum i've found. i have some prolblems with the car but no biggie i know i can get all my questions answered here:)

heres a picture of my car

01-13-03, 08:43 AM
Welcome aboard! Yes, I know.. I welcomed you in your original post in the Seville area. But I don't want people coming here and seeing no welcomes. :p So welcome! And thanks for signing up. :)

Mr Seville
01-13-03, 04:23 PM
thanks..........again :)

01-13-03, 04:41 PM
Is that white stuff called snow? I ain't neva seen snow before!!!
J/K y'all!!!!!!!! Welcome and sweet looking Cadillac :)