: Hey there!

07-16-06, 10:31 PM
Hey all, the name's Ross, and I figured it was time to join up with a community like this to network and talk with other enthusiasts after recently buying my second Cadillac; a 1971 Coupe DeVille.


I also used to own this wonderful Firethorn Red with white leather interior 1979 Coupe DeVille but had to sell it in March due to space issues; I still want it back!


Nice to meet you all! See you around the forums! :)

07-17-06, 12:11 AM
Welcome to the forums. Thanks for sharing the pics. The 79 is beautiful. Good luck with the 71.

07-17-06, 03:51 PM
Welcome Ross!

Thanks for signing up with us. There are quite a few members here from the Commonwealth (common+wealth????).
I'm down here in wormtown. Great pics, good luck!

07-17-06, 04:15 PM
Welcome to the site :thumbsup:

07-18-06, 06:07 AM
Wow! Really great cars there. I really love the big old Cadillacs!