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07-16-06, 02:30 PM
Some time ago I had a 2005 STS and was able to get a locking gas cap for it from the local Cadillac parts department.

I recently acquired a 2006 STS-V but was told by the same parts department that there is no locking gas cap for it.

I assume that the cap that fit the 2005 STS would also fit the 2006 STS-V. Was thinking of ordering one from


but the search feature there isn't very helpful. Anyone here happen to have a part number for the thing? Thanks!

07-16-06, 04:15 PM
I tried to find a locking gas cap for my 2005 SRX; Cad dealer said NO, GM PartsDirect said NO, AutoZone said NO; PepBoys said NO; ... Kragen (1-888-257-2436) said MAYBE..picked one from rack by comparing with original SRX (their "Stant" 11506), opened one for me to try (it fit), said to try & return within 2 wks if service light goes ON. It has worked great for me since ~ April 5 with NO CODES YET returned via "ScanGuage" testing. I paid ~$15.50 for mine, advertised today $13.99 !!

07-17-06, 08:14 PM
i just put one on my 06 sts6. it was from cgenterprises up in canada. i was able to get the tether cord and ring off the oem cap and reinstall them on the locking cap. i have only put a few miles on the car since the swap without any lights and apparently, it can take some time before the computer decides it doesn't like the cap.

it's hard to believe that the caddy doesn't have a locking fuel door tied into the central locking system.

06 sts6

06 sts6

08-16-06, 03:34 PM
this is an update: if you want a locking fuel cap for the sts use a stant. the original cap i ordered didn't fit. i bought the stant locally for 25$...works like a charm. i did have to rig my own tether; the stant's groove for the tether isn't wide enough for the oem. the quality of the lock assembly is head and shoulders above the israeli made cap that didn't fit. be advised that the cap sold at autozone is the israeli cap and though it appears to work...the slightest tug and the cap, after being locked, will pull right off the fuel neck.

jackg 06 sts6