: Wire routing from mirror to consle

07-16-06, 07:13 AM
I need some wiring advice. I want to run a wire for my radar detector Bel v65 remote mute unit. My plan is to mount the detector near the mirror and run the wire down the front roof pilar (around the side air bag). Into the dash and then up through a hole I will cut a small hole in the console to mount.

My question is are there any routing suggestions or thoughts from anyone?

08-26-06, 08:42 PM
I am also doing the same but with a passport unit, I mounted the radar mute unit without making a hole, I ran the wire down the front roof pillar and under the dash, I removed the lower panel, then I mounted the mute unit out the top right corner of the lower panel and then replaced the lower panel and it is secure without any holes, but I have not connected the wireís yet, I do not know where is the best place to tie in the hot wire, I do not want to snake a wire to the back seat if I donít have to, let me know where you connected the hot wire to.
There must be something that is a switched hot under the dash on the driverís side that I can connect to.