: STS Fanatic Needed

Lord Cadillac
07-14-06, 01:55 PM
I'm looking to create a static page on the site stating all the major changes to the STS, year by year.

I'm guessing only a real STS fanatic will either know these changes or have them in a text file somewhere, ready to copy and paste. :D

Thanks in advance!

Lord Cadillac
07-14-06, 04:25 PM
Please also add what things, options, changes you'd like to see in future models...

Thank you!

07-18-06, 07:05 AM
Ok here we are...

changes in 2006:

- All-wheel drive option available for V6

- Passenger side inflatable restraint suppression

- some changes were in the navigation screen:

-- some icons in the "Route" menu changed like:
**** Hazard icon, Statue of liberty icon, and Telephone icon... Just a change in how the icon look like...

-- In some 2006s, memory and Magna Ride buttons are available in the main screen (config)

- small GM badge on the each side of the car behind the front wheel (not important :p )

That's it I think...

Changes i'd like to see:

- faster menu, better system performance

- better bluetooth microphone... person on the other side car barely hear me

- Physical phone buttons... sometimes I need to make a phone call while driving... and VR is not an easy way...

mainly that's it... other than these, it's the best car i've ever owned and the most that really amazed me... proud of ownership...