View Full Version : Crank Sensor--Revisited

02-06-04, 11:15 PM
Two weeks or so ago, I asked for and got lots of good advice on changing the A crank sensor. It was my nephew's 2001 STS.
Put it in today. The help from you guys was great. No problems. The only delay was in figuring out the release clasp on the connector. To anyone who has yet to do their first one I mention they have a really slick spring loaded clasp that you release by squeezing down on the forward top edge of the plug

I cleared the codes, and went for a short drive. Ran great. No problems. Parked it. Read the codes. Again the PCM P0335, current. No other codes.
The sensor was new from the Cadillac garage. Next, I intend to work over the plug-in with contact spray, even though it wasn't especially grimy.

Anybody have any suggestions? :confused:

Thanks in advance.