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07-12-06, 06:52 AM
I must be a candidate for purch FSM for 94 N* Concours.

Sev moderator replies to prior post have helped. The Tech Tips on replacing the FPR were excellent, however it was written for a 95 N* and mine is a 94.

I stopped the job because I was getting in way over my head. It appears that the 94 FPR is under a formed portion of the intake manifold gasket that also holds the top of what I think are the injectors. There was no "C" clamp like I see in posted pictures. It did not seem reasonable that the entire intake manifold gasket would be removed w all the injector stuff. Could someone look in a FSM for 93-94 FPR replacement procedure? I am thinking that there was a CHANGE in later years perhaps to simplify.

What FSM to purch? Helms? I wasted money on a Mechanics Illustrated CD/DVD sev years ago

Please advise. This appears to be a reasonable DIY job.

Loose screw
07-12-06, 06:32 PM
You are correct the fuel pressure regulator is under the lid of the intake manifold. No special instructions are need to take it out. Easiy to figure out as you go. The gasket you mentioned is actually a plastic plate with an enbeded seal on both side and holds the wiring for the injectors and supplies mounting for the two intake sensors - pull them out and clean them. There is no real problems with getting to the FPR the gasket/plate will move out of your way. It is all pretty easy to figure out as you go. The FPR plugs into a self sealing quick connection under it - pull up slow and gentle (release presure first and take off gas cap - park pointing up hill or raise front if thank is full) I coated the seals on plate with hylomar (a nonhardening gasket seal) to assure no vacume leaks. Easy to pull out and inspect injectors while your in there.

07-12-06, 09:36 PM
There has to be some type of a retainer to keep the FPR from popping off under 45 psi. Look closely. Be sure to bleed off the fuel pressure via the schreader valve on the fuel rail first. Hold a rag over it so as not to spray gas all over or pull the fuel pump fuse and crank it.

A FSM by Helm Inc. is the only way to go.

07-13-06, 09:03 PM
I got the Mitchell (I think) FSM couple month ago and never used it so far. But I tool a look at it and it gave alot of trouble shooting procedure for any code that pop up.

07-13-06, 09:16 PM
The "Factory" Service Manual is by Helm Inc. It is what the dealer mechanics use. Anythging else is aftermarket. I can't comment on Mitchell as I am not at all familiar with them, but it sounds like it is better than Haynes or Chiltons.