: Limo services NYC

gran sport
07-11-06, 04:31 AM
Hello to everybody from Finland!
I am coming over to NY with my wife for our 20th wedding anniversary. I thought that a limo waiting for us at JFK would be a nice surprise for her, thus I contacted Lincolnlimousines (they claimed to have the best prices :D). I got a quote by e-mail that seemed to be OK but when I called them to make a reservation, they doubled the price! Do you have any suggestions about some other, more reliable company? Flying tomorrow so I do not have too much time.
Thanks in advance for any hints.

P.S: any ideas of nice, car relaed sights in NY?

07-11-06, 08:08 AM
Greetings from the USA to Finland!

I hope this reaches you in time, but it may not...

There are probably dozens of limo services in the greater NYC area, most of which serve the airport as well. I believe they are fairly highly regulated though, and should have SET prices for runs from the Airport (whichever one it is) to most Midtown Manhatten locations. I can't be more specific, as that's not my area of knowledge.

In terms of sightseeing, where can we start? NYC is one of the premier tourist spots on earth, but I can't say I'd recommend it in the middle of July.. it may be a tad warm for you, coming from the frozen north like you do.. ha ha :)

I don't know if there are any car museums or the like, per se, but I know that along the Hudson River to the west side of Manhatten there are several touristy places, like the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier, and others like it. You might want to try one of the Circle Line boat tours as well...

There are a million things to see and do there..good luck and have fun!!!

gran sport
07-11-06, 12:38 PM
Thanks Jim,

I got quotes from several companies, I just happened to pick the one that was not so serious about their quote...
It's nice get to the warmth as we have had only about 90 F for the past week =D
Thanks for the nice hints, I'm sure that we will enjoy our stay.


07-11-06, 08:20 PM
I run a service in Boston. Here are a couple of companies we deal with in NYC.

Road Limousine Service (800)245-7623
Commonwealth Limousine (718)482-8985

Our services are high end. These companies are as well. They may not be the cheapest you find, but in this industry the phrase "You get what you pay for" couldn't ring any more true. Give them a call and see what they have to say. I'm sure they can also help you in finding points of interest.

Have fun!

07-11-06, 08:22 PM
BTW, how is Finland? I'm half Finnish and have been desiring to make it to Finland very soon.

gran sport
07-12-06, 01:13 AM
Finland is great! Just now we are in the middle of summer, the temerature has been around 90 degrees fahrenheit for the past week, -not bad!
Welcome to see for yourself when you have time