: Paint Color Codes

07-10-06, 05:51 PM
Quick question- I need to get some touch up paint for my 84 Coupe, but where do I find out the color codes so I know exactly what color to get?

I also need to find out the interior color codes as well for the seats.

07-10-06, 06:20 PM
Two places lift the engin hood and look on the driver side by the waper arms, there is a piece of tin with the information on it.Also in the trunk there is a sticker with lots of numbers this will tell you all about your car. The dealer can help you with the numbers if you don't have a repair manual :thumbsup: Dill

07-10-06, 07:42 PM
Try looking in the paint color names thread, it's a sticky at the top. I think most of the paint codes and names are there, that should help you too.

07-10-06, 08:29 PM
This guy brings up a good question, how do I find the color code for the interior? and some interiors are slightly two-tone, like the dashboard being a darker color. so how do you know which it is?

07-11-06, 07:04 PM
The colour code for the interior is somewhere in with the numbers on the sticker in the trunk.