: Video of my Fleetwood with the Borla & Headers

07-10-06, 03:50 PM
I said I was going to make a video of the Fleetwood with the Borla in action 3 months ago... well I wanted to wait till I got the CIA Tubulars on and the car tuned to make the vid.

Here is an outside vid:


Here is a vid inside the car from a stop to 73mph:


Overall I am very happy with the sound. It is not loud, that is what I wanted, something that gave the car a good increase in power but kept the sound to a slight rumble at idle and sophisticated sound at WOT. Had some rattling issues with the heat sheild by the gas tank, but that is taken car of.

Props to my girlfriend Nicole for the camera skills on the first video.. the second video is my one handed skill.. haha.

On another note, the car is going back to the body shop next week. The paint on the hood is flaking and the bumper is again misaligned.

Take care,

07-10-06, 08:42 PM
Sounds nice but man is it quiet compared to mine!. I'm running dual exhaust with Magnaflows and it is loud!. Perhaps too loud, at times I love it and at times I am disturbed by it. I'm not running cats and I have a carb so I'm sure that has something to do with it. :thumbsup:

07-10-06, 09:47 PM
Elias -

The sound - - - Downright DELICIOUS!:thumbsup:

07-10-06, 09:54 PM
Thanks guys! Loud is definately not what I wanted. I just wanted a crips sound that shows you mean business at anything above half throttle. The lifetime warranty was also a plus! I kept my Catalytic Converters and the Borla resonators :thumbsup:

07-10-06, 10:47 PM
That sounds really nice! I like how it's not so raspy and juvenile sounding, it's got a more mature, smoother sound to it.

THe 0-73 vid would have been a lot better if we could see the speedo :)
Either way, its a lot quicker to 73 than my car is :(

07-11-06, 06:40 AM
Sorry about that second vid... it was hard trying to keep my eye out for police, other traffic, and any other obstacles that could jump out in front of me. I will have to wait until my girl can join me for a ride.

On another note, isn't the sound the Corvette starter makes just badass?

07-12-06, 05:11 AM
What was that 8 or so seconds to 73mph? Not bad. It sounds great too.

07-12-06, 06:51 AM
Not sure exactly... it runs mid 14s in the 1/4 with the modifications.. hopeing for better times once the gears go in :thumbsup:

07-12-06, 08:34 AM
On another note, isn't the sound the Corvette starter makes just badass?Now that you mention it, yeah that starter does sound nice. :thumbsup: