: 95 Intake Manifold Interchange?

07-10-06, 06:29 AM
Are there any other year intake manifolds that'll work on a 95 motor?

07-10-06, 10:24 AM
yes - 96-99. The vacuum ports are set up a little differently. You will need the FPR vacuum line from the same year.

07-10-06, 03:51 PM
Does the 96-99 manifold have a MAP sensor port to mount it to?

07-10-06, 04:15 PM
uhh... no?

It's exactly like the 95, they just moved the FPR vacuum nipple from the top to the side or vise versa. I forget.

07-11-06, 05:06 AM
I'm not talking about the FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator), I said MAP sensor, as in Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. The 96-99, as I'm sure you know use's a MAF. The 95's MAP sensor attach's directly to the manifold next to the throttle body flange. It doesn't have a vac hose going to it, it mounts to a port on the manifold.

07-11-06, 09:51 AM
They're the same except the FPR vacuum nipple location

07-12-06, 04:23 AM
Thanks eldorado1.

The 125 jets go in tomorrow. :D