: Need Your Help/Assistance.......Again

07-08-06, 07:07 PM
I placed this in its proper forum once before and only got 1 response, so I hope to get more response from the knowledgable people here. I also did my research on here and came up nil, but if I owned a 2007 Escalade, it would of been gravy..............................

My question is based on my 85 Fleetwood getting stolen and according to police it had to have been towed from my underground garage, based on the fact no glass was found, I had a brake lock and a $500 Viper alarm that really didn't do any good, because my car was recovered two weeks later stripped to the core, I'm looking to upgrade the security to my 91 Brougham and I would like to know what security system is better according to those who actually have it.

I'm thinking about getting one of the following, but since I know I will be spending about $700.00 (more or less), what system would be better in the event that it gets stolen again, once the rims, stereo system is in place? I've looked at all the options and I know if a thief wants the car, he'll get it, but this time I want to be able to at least recover the car immediately instead of two weeks later. The only thing I know I need is to be able to track it via computer, which all can do, but I really trust people who have and rather hear their personal testimonials then getting duped by the companies selling these products.

Here are my options:

1. LoJack http://www.lojack.com

2. Mobile Guardian http://www.mymobileguardian.com

3. Viper 210V http://www.drdetailshop.com/v200.htm (I'm really apprehensive about getting another viper based on the Viper 690XV 2way I had when my last Caddy got ripped off)

4. The Witness http://thewitness.net

* Notice they all due comparisons to one another, but I'm still unsure which is the best way to go.

Again whatever information you can provide is important. Since I plan on installing this in the next month. An officer friend of mine told me that another way thieves can disable a car alarm is simply getting jumper cables attached to a running vehicle and touch a metal part and that will completely fry the system.


07-08-06, 07:49 PM
Everybody where I live has Viper, so I guess if you get the right one, their good.

07-08-06, 11:33 PM
You need one that has a sign that lights up that if you don't have the proper key in the ignition in 5 seconds that they will be taser'd from the car....

If it was me? I would probably come up with some custom security in addition to the Viper or whatever alarm you choose. Something unknown and unpredicable to the theif.

In reality, if the car is touchable, the car is stealable. Maybe if you chain it down and charge the car with 50KV it might slow them down, but if they really want it, they will likely get it.

Talk to your insurance company, they are likely very active in theft prevention. See what they can do to help or recommend and what things if you buy, might lower your insurance payment.

07-13-06, 05:43 PM
BUMP..no one has these security systems in their cars?

07-14-06, 03:55 AM
My security system consists of a cheap 2 way paging car alarm (silent) and a 12 gauge.

07-14-06, 08:26 AM
Honestly if it was me, and I had to do something, I would be working hard on my own personal design, which makes it tough for a thief to steal then, because they don't already own one and know how to defeat it.

It still wouldn't stop somone from loading it on a trailer and hauling it away. Honestly, just yank the driveshafts and tow it. So the alarm would have to have it's own power supply and speakers that are not able to get to. And need to be able to make a phone call to you to make sure you are alerted to the activity. And still be as obnoixous as possible, say cranking Barry Manilow at max volume and auto roll the windows down. Or a message over the car stereo at loud volume with windows auto down that says to call police this car is being stolen.

07-14-06, 11:03 AM
That would rock lol. I need that.

07-17-06, 04:23 PM
So, I guess no one has these alarm systems.
Thanks for the assistance to those who had/have one still back square one on which system is the best out of the three and can't get a specific response. LOL